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Need advice on new bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kinjo695, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Hi there

    **DISCLAIMER** I consider myself a pretty experienced motorcycle rider in general but I don't claim to be a road legend, far from it. I used to race motocross from a young age (now 35) but only recently got into street bikes. I live in Victoria Australia and because of LAMS laws picked up a CBR500R as my first street bike. I had ridden friends R1s and other street biks previously for short periods.

    I have been riding my cbr500r for about 18 months and have learned a lot about road riding and feel pretty confident on the twisties and at times I feel like I am getting closer to knee down.(chicken strips getting pretty small etc) I plan to do some track days to further improve my cornering soon.

    With that said I am now ready to move on from my beloved cbr500r as it doesn't and to be honest never has excited me with it's performance.

    I am looking for advice on my next bike, here are my criteria and options I have narrowed down. (It should be said that I am partial to Honda as I have ridden Honda my whole life)

    *Needs to have ABS
    *Needs to be a Supersports or Superbike
    *Not a naked bike
    *Needs to be good and affordable in and around year 2012 second hand
    *Needs to be low maintenance and reliable as a commuter bike (use will be a daily commuter with some weekend twisty riding, low end torque and economics and comfort are important)

    I am almost sold on a 2012 CBR1000R-ABS but I am weighing up maybe looking at the 600cc range supersports or possibly Triumph Daytona 675 or MV F3, GSXR750 etc.

    I like the idea of the 800cc bikes being in the middle of the litre bikes and the 600 but finding it hard to find ABS options.
    I am also a little scared to buy something european like the F3 or Triumph due to cost of repairs and maintenance.

    Budget is probably about 12k

    Welcome advice.

  2. Id look at an R1 and also the GSXR, but find it kind of weird you have completely discounted naked bikes unless you are planning on doing lots of track days and very little road riding. Have you ridden a late model Tuono/S1000R?

    You should be able to pick up an R1 or GSXR for around the money you want to spend.
    The GSXR is pretty bullet proof.
    The R1 has longer service intervals between valve clearance checks than any other sports bike ( 40,000, where the rest are 26-30K from memory) so are less money to maintain and it also has the crossplane crank engine which sets it apart from the other inline 4s. The 09-14 model R1 wasn't the best superbike bike for track riding as it was a little heavy and didn't have the sharp turn in manners of some of its lighter competitors, but it is a fine road bike IMO.
  3. Thanks for the advice Craig,
    reason for no naked is just preference, I just wouldn't be happy with something that I didn't love the look of. And on that note I am not really a fan of the way Gixxers look either but haven't ruled them out yet as I know they are great bikes. R1 still an option but I'm not really a fan of the stock look and they are so common I find them boring. These are silly things to nit pic on I know but just my preference.
  4. So basically looks are what were talking about here right?
    You want a supersport that's comfy and economical for commuting......hmmmm......think you'll struggle with that one as you state it's important. Sorry I'm drawing blanks here but what you describe in the op screams naked bike to me.
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  5. A comfortable super sport bike ?? Mmm
    Only bike I can think of is a ninja 1000, or maybe gsxs1000 (the fairing one).
  6. How far/long is your average ride?
  7. Sounds like the cbr1000rr will suit you. The first year or two of the current generation blade 08-09 did have some oil consumption issues, and I do see quite a few of these era blade track bikes which are advertised as already having engine rebuilds, far more so than the other jap 4s. I haven't heard any trouble with the later ones you are looking at.
    In terms of comfort, I have never found the Jap sports bikes to be uncomfortable. I think having long arms helps a bit comfort wise as I dont have to lean forward as much as some would. Easily fine for the daily 1 hour commute or for a couple of hours on the twisties.
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    Comfy and economical as much as a supersport can be,

    clearly some supersports more comfortable than others, eg. from what I gather a fireblade might be more economical and comfortable than a MV f4 for example.

    what I am really looking for is lets say I listed

    Daytona 675
    GSXR 750
    Ducati whatever
    MV F3/F4 (getting out of price range)
    BMW S1000RR
    Plus all the japanese 600 supersport range

    What would recommendations be for :
    Best general road bike
    Cheapest to run
    Cheapest for insurance etc.

    Basically I am not a grease monkey and I won't really want to be playing around with it in the garage a whole lot, something I can just jump on and ride without thinking too much and have a blast.

    My daily commute is just 15 minutes. I also have long arms. Sounds like the fireblade will make me happy, hope to ride some soon :)

    Thanks for the advice
  9. Thanks :D

    I actually looked at that one yesterday

    It is nice, only problem is the guy said he has no service history as he is mechanic and did it himself. Not sure what to make of that yet, also it's got the 24,000 service up in about 4000ks which could be $1000 :S
  10. Yeah thats always a bit of a worry. Depends how much you trust what he says. If he has been doing all the services regularly there shouldn't be anything to worry about. It's the major 24k one with the valve adjustments that you'd want to make sure is done at the bike shop. It looked very clean in the pics. Did you make an offer?
  11. Ninja1000 was mentioned earlier, have you seen this absolute steal on this site. Remove pink stickers and reset back to original height and Bob's your uncle plus you have $4k left to play with....

    [VIC] - Custom 2013 Ninja 1000 ABS
  12. No I haven't

    It looks tip top apart from a small scratch on the left fairing.

    Hes not really budging from 9800 as he said hes not in a hurry to sell and he has probably priced it pretty well where the market is.

    I got one coming on the market at a dealer I wanna check out with less kms at 2010 first before I make an offer
  13. Yeah fair enough. I do like the bare aluminium finish on the 11s. The silver/orange or white look great in the 10s though. The 2012 upgrade had a few handy additions like gear indicator and Big piston front forks. Not sure if you'll get one for $12k or under though
  14. There is one with 30k on the clock I am looking at this weekend.

    Not crazy about that many Km's though that is the dilema
  15. The one I linked had 20k on it so not a dealbreaker IMO, and it's got the major service out of the way, and I'm assuming a service history unlike the other
  16. that is true, but then it is more money, at least 1000 more

    The dealer bike is kind of in the middle, its 2010, so the oldest of the three. But about 10k or round about and only about 12.5kms on the clock