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Need advice on my driveway

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Aly, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Hey, sorry this is probably going to seem like a stupid question to many but I just want some confirmation before I pick up my bike.

    This is my driveway. Its just dirt and some builders stones. It gets a bit soft after a few days of heavy rain so I'll well and truly avoid it at that time. Its uphill to the house and does have some random ditches.

    In the dry, the bike should be able to handle it though yeah?

    oh no, the photo is sideways. Everyone turn their heads.

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  2. youl be ok going up hill ride the rear brake going down
  3. Should be no problem, just ride like normal and not think about it, just go easy on the throttle and the brakes.
  4. Thanks guys
  5. Agreed, no sudden movements - I've surprised myself stopping by the side of the road by grabbing the brakes at 5km/h and feeling a little slide.
  6. i did not know midgets lived in regular sized houses.
    will be able to do awesome skids on that driveway.
    my neck is sore now.
    what bike did you buy Aly ?
    and when do we go for a ride ?
  7. aww sorry. I didn't know how to flip it.

    I get my ninja 250 mid/end of this week but dont think I'll get much of a chance to ride it until next week. So maybe in a few weeks?
  8. congrats on the new bike.
    in a few weeks, it's a date, we ride!
    driveway dose'nt look too bad, but would avoid any slippery patches in wet. you"ll probably find a more tightly packed rut that works good enough
  9. Thinking about it...when my car slides up it after a few days of rain, its probably more to the left of the photo when I park in front of the other part of the garage and dont park inside. The route up to the garage door stays pretty compacted. I plan to avoid rain anyway.

    I just needed someone to tell me it was okay to ride up it rather than me stacking it and then everyone posting WTF were you thinking?
  10. you will be fine, take it slow and keep your head up. Dirt roads are really not that hard to ride on with a sportbike its just most people are not used to riding them on sportsbikes.
  11. That looks like about 90 degrees of camber on that drive.
    Your stuffed. Oh, the photo is sideways.
    Easy. Control your speed from the start going down and keep momentum going up.
  12. Thank you. I'll try my best

    Next question then...

    Do I ask them to scrub the tires before I pick the bike up?
  13. I wouldn't bother. You probably wound be pushing the tyres enough to worry about it.

    And with you driveway I been on worse, and it was funny watching a Ducati 996 ride in front of me. Rutted out, some pot holes and about 1km long.
  14. Hey Aly, not only is the photo sideways, but so is your house and driveway. Wow, what are the odds of that happening?
  15. That drive is near flat.
    You want to come and try mine, Its 1 in 3 and gravel.

    But Heather gets up and down it Okay, Hahahaahahaha
  16. If it turns to mud youll probably fall over once or twice.

    Definitely needs some more gravel put down.
  17. stencil-crete dude! You'll be right, a few goes at it and you'll get the feel.
  18. Really big earthquake happened.

    Thanks everyone. Only a few more days and I get to try it. Pray for no rain!
  19. What's at the bottom? T junction with a road, or does it flatten or curve?
    Take care of gravel or mud sticking to your tyres when you first get on to sealed road.
  20. You're right titus, that's probably where I will lose it. The road is always covered in dirt, gravel and mud. Its a t with the road. About a 100 degree turn to the left.