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Need Advice On First Bike!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by DirtyDuck, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,
    So as some of you might know I'm a new rider and new to the forum! I need some opinions and advice as I am deciding what bike to buy. (Hopefully I posted this in the right spot) :D I was halfway through the purchase of a 2002 CB400 with the deposite layed down but the seller pulled out on me because the roadworthy was much more then he expected. CBF taking legal action, Oh well.... I'll get my deposite back.
    I've been to the bike shop and sat on all the learner 'Sport' bikes and I like the feel and finish of the R3. The rc390 feels very cheaply made to me, and the Ninja 300 feels good in terms of ergonomics but the R3 to me feels better. So what I am deciding between now is used CB400 (preferably from a dealer) or a brand new R3. The brand new R3 would be insured full comp where as the CB400 would be insured as Third party as its soo expesnive for full comp. I've test ridden a Cb400 and I really like the way it feels, I like that it has quite a bit of power I'm worried the R3 won't come close to the acceleration of the CB400 and will dissapoint. Yes its my first bike and no I don't have a lot of experiance. I would love to know what you guys thinks and have to say about this...

  2. Welcome aboard :) hope you get your deposit back. as for the choice of bike take them all for a spin then decide.

    Then If you still prefer the CB400 go for it. Second hand will also lessen the pain of any drops
  3. Yeah, I guess thats the way to do it! But won't a brand new bike be better in the sense that it has a 24 month warrenty and theres almost a guarentee that it won't be unreliable? Also if I put some crash protection on it, it might help with a drop?
    This is where I'm struggling to decided. I should really book a test ride with the R3 and take it from there.
    Thanks for your response! :D
  4. I would go the CB400. But I think you should ride the r3 as well (sounds like you haven't). That should help you decide. The CB has about 50% more power, so you may well be right in thinking the r3 might feel a little underdone in comparison.

    Edit: And a warranty is obviously a great thing to have, but you pay for it...
  5. Both those bike will do the job, I quite like CB400 especially. My first bike was an Er6nl and I highly recommend test riding one if your looking in the $5-6k price bracket. Good low to mid range torque and super reliable, as are most Jap bikes.
    Quick search found this beauty -

    2011 Kawasaki ER-6nL ABS for sale
  6. Another quick questions guys, is that too much money to spend on a first bike???
    I'll look into these, nice looking bike!
  7. No, not really but again whats expensive to some can seem pittance to others.
    I reckon $5-6k is fine and you'll get a very solid bike with little to none issues.
    If your gonna keep it for a while, say 2-4 years, then spend the coin if you can afford it. If your off your learners in a year maybe something cheaper is the sensible way to go.
  8. Don't buy your first bike if u can't afford to get full comp insurance for it. Ring around, I found Qbe are good. Hate to sound negative but there's a pretty good chance your going to bin it at some stage. Loosing all that $ and having no bike because u can't afford insurance would seriously suck.
  9. Yeah, not negative its the sensible thing to do when you put it that way. The R3 is cheaper to go full comp then the cb400 2008-09 model say. And cheaper by like $600-800. I'll cheap out some more quotes. Its a good point you make :D
  10. How long are you going to have it for? 1 or 3 years?

    Id go the R3 personally. Only because with the smaller capacity engines I didn't like the cb400's 4 cylinder.

    I found the ninja (and when I tried the R3 it was better) easier to ride.
  11. I've only ever ridden and owned 2 bikes. CBR250R and my current CB400. I'm somewhat stunned that the 400 is more to insure than a new bike. I Love my 400. I've been on my unrestricted license since Feb, and still haven't upgraded. The 400 is silky smooth. Being more mature (not necessarily showing it at times) meant full comp for under $200. CB400 is a great bike. Good luck with the purchase either way.
  12. Yeah Im struggling to understand why a second hand 400 is much more expensive that a brand new 300.
  13. Possibly R3 being much newer has far fewer claims than CB400 which had been around for a while - the actuarial tables probably show this as a 'higher risk' bike ....
  14. Nobody recommend a KTM 390 Duke or RC yet?
  15. No point asking what bike to get. You need to look at various bikes, sit on them in the riding position, see how well you reach the ground etc etc. That is the only way to get a bike that won't be a mistake. Think about your needs for the bike, commuter? weekend rides only?, both? Need to carry luggage?
    All of these questions are the things you should be asking yourself, and then start ruling out the bikes that won't fit your needs.

    As an example, I'm currently teaching a girl to ride, she just got her L's, and because her friend went and bought a new Ninja 300, she loved the look of it so did the same. After having it lowered as much as possible, she still can barely reach the ground on her toes, and barely reach the bars with her hands. I told her this isn't really the ideal bike for her, but she won't have it. The salesman who sold it to her should be shot, so don't trust bike shop salesmen either...
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  16. Tweet, maybe she can get a handlebar conversion to help reach?
  17. To be honest, I'm not sure either. I've had a few quotes and the r3 is always cheapest for me.

    Yes i've sat on the Rc390, I like the look of it, but i'm worried about the quality... Made in India, and the fairings and plastics feel a bit cheap too me. Like they might weather easily or something along those lines. The brackets for things are plastic where on the R3 are metal.

    I've sat on all of the learner 'sport' bike' to me the r3 is the best. Feels simular to the ninja 300 but lower? and thinner. I don't mind the rc390 but as i've said i'm worried about its quality.

    Thanks all for your responses!
  18. The Biggest, fastest most expensive bike you can afford. Then you have something to aspire to while you are on L's/P's
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    I have the Duke, quality is solid, and I'm not a kind master. The RC came after the Duke, so quality and switchgear should be improved even further.

    Take the RC and the R3 for a ride, buy the one that makes you smile more.

    Matter of fact, take the Duke for a spin too, the 2016 model has over 15 improvements, one of which is a slipper clutch. You can see it at the bottom in the tech specs on the linked page below.

  20. Well you are considering all the aspects you need to and eventually the choice is yours.

    There is no real wrong choice here, all the bikes you speak of will be reliable if looked after and should give years of good service.

    The bigger and heavier the bike, the more capable it will be in terms of mileage and carrying loads, but the harder it will be to manoeuvre in traffic etc. Figure out which one of those bothers you the most, but my advice is lean towards the more capable bike and just learn to ride it.

    Most of this is a heart decision anyway, buy the bike you want.
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