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VIC Need advice on filtering incident

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kittiminx, May 9, 2014.

  1. So I was filtering (between stopped traffic) on Kings Way today, and I've cut across to the left in front of a stopped car, and just as I've made the turn the driver of the car closed the gap and nudged my leg. It didn't hit my bike at all, but I was a bit shaken and as I was in the middle of four lanes of traffic I kept riding to the front and didn't pull over. In hindsight, dumb mistake.
    Anyhow, the driver has got my rego and reported it to the police, apparently she's claiming damage to her car. I've spoken to the police and confirmed it was me riding (didn't seem any point denying it) and told the police that there was no damage to my bike, to which the officer (who seemed friendly enough) replied it was an insurance matter, and that she would send me a copy of the report in the mail. They didn't say anything about me being in trouble re not stopping, just informed me that I should have stopped.

    My questions are: Anyone know how much trouble am I in? Am I going to get a fine (or worse) for not stopping? Or would the policewoman have said so when I spoke to them?
    I have full comp insurance, but I don't see that I've caused any damage to her car and seeing how there is zero damage to my bike can the driver make me pay?
    I realise I am in the wrong, both for the filtering move and the not stopping, stupid decisions which I hope to not repeat.

  2. Whether or not you were filtering or dancing a jig in the middle of the road - she hit you - so I wouldn't be accepting any liability.
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  3. might be worth a chat with your insurance company. maybe not post too much on forums until its sorted.
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  4. as above for both
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  5. remember filtering itself isn't illegal so what have you done wrong?
    I'd also get some photos of your bike and get someone to witness it is undamaged. Maybe a doctors letter on the damage to your leg?
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  6. My ankle is a bit sore but no visible damage, and there isn't a mark on the bike. I wasn't sure that any witness that I produce would be worth anything, (especially after the fact) who would you recommend to view the bike?
  7. The insurance might prefer someone not related to you, but I've had my son as a witness. How about a neighbour? Take a photo print it out and get them to date and sign it. Could take a photo of your leg too. Insurance stuff can drag on so sort it now just in case.
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  8. Actually take a photo of both of your legs and post em up here. Only joking, Twistngo is on the right track IMHO, take his advice.
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  9. Thank you! I'll do that, at the very least it might help if it goes to insurance. The whole thing has been a bit unsettling. I don't have many near misses these days, and I commute every day. I feel like my riding has gotten a lot better since I've been riding off road as well, but it never hurts to be reminded how easily everything can go wrong.
  10. As long as you are prepared to admit, to yourself only of course, that you were partly responsible and think about how you can avoid it happening to you again. Its up to you to stay safe. Best to now get on with it and don't discuss it too much more on here I would suggest.
    If you run into legal issues later repost, there are people here who are capable of steering you in the right direction.
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  11. oh and before you go please tell me , are you hot?
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  12. I don't know quite how to answer that :p Maybe someone who has seen me IRL can answer for me :p Haven't been on NR for ages, but I used to come to coffee nights once in a while back before I got so busy with Uni...
  13. Some good advice so far, I would only add write things down in point form now all you can remember about exactly what happened.
    Once you have that put them in time order and flesh them out.
    These things can take forever to get sorted and having a clear written account will help you in the long run.
    + 1 to a signed dated photo of the bike
    + 1 to filtering not being against the law, if she hit you from behind it is hard to see how she is not in the wrong

    Keep us informed, cheers Jeremy
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  14. I recon your hot , you ride a 675 and a 200 2smoke
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  15. maybe you should come on the ride on sunday
  16. I'm already going for a ride on sunday, somewhere dirty :p (probably wombat or tallarook)
  17. don't forget to post pics
  18. So if I'm correct, from what you describe you were in between 2 cars when they drove forward and hit you? If that is so then you weren't filtering.
    Also Police don't send you reports for collisions (you have to go through FOI to get it). Did the Police come and speak to you or did you hand yourself in? (so to speak?) If you did the latter then I would suggest the Police Officer was just fobbing you off.
  19. oi get back on topic
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