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Need advice on buying Learners legal bike (has to be green!)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Omarko, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. hi guys

    can someone recommend a sports motorbike that is learners legal AND green in color (LOL, I know! its for my gf)?

    I was looking at Kawasaki Ninja 250R but I cant find it on the RTA approved list.

    are there any other ones out there?

  2. i'm pretty sure the 250R is LAMS approved
    there are so many out there
    (including my own which is on order)
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  5. well.....a $2.00 can of spray paint can fix the colour! :p

    i'd strongly recommend convincing your missus to buy a bike based on how comfortable it feels for her, not on colour, but no doubt you already have, and well.......women huh! :p

    if you don't like the spray can approach you could get it done prof but your looking at a few $$$ there
  6. Women!

  7. Compared to a car there isn't a lot to paint on a bike.

    Take the bits off you want painted, prep them and take them in to be sanded, even ask if, they gave any cars that want green and get them done at the same time, might avoid booth fees.
  8. lol ...

    thanks for the input guys ... the spraying idea is not bad but I'd prol have to get it done professionally.

    the Ninja 250R 2008 looks really nice but bit pricey for a first bike ... hmm
  9. theres zzr250's in green also if that helps, Suzuki Across 250 is in greeny teal colour.

    Also check bike point there is plenty of resprays for sale from leaner whoopsies!
  10. Forget the Suzukis, if you're going to buy a green bike it has to be a Kawasaki or you go to gaol.

    Someone on this forum has a green GPX, so I guess they must come in that colour?
  11. +1
    we women know what we want & in most instances get what we want :LOL: have fun shopping!
  12. The Ninja is a bit of a turd.

    Find a VTR and paint the fuel tank yourself. $70 worth of materials and wholla, you have a better bike!
  13. :LOL:

    Yeah, so there! :grin: