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Need advice for my GF - how to teach her ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Omarko, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. hey guys

    my GF went for her L's over the last few days. On the first day she got so frustrated with the whole clutch control and the instructor gave her a scooter! lol

    unfortunately, she loved the scooter :( and I think it looks like we may just buy her one so she starts riding it around and in the traffic to get a good feel for what happens and how things work.

    At the same time, she DOES want to learn how to ride a manual bike as eventually she would love to buy a sportsbike (eg CBR125R).

    What do you guys think ? Should we go for the scooter and get a super cheap crap manual bike that she can learn on at a local car park? Would it be waste of money buying both ? Should we just get her an easy to drive bike like a CBF250 ?

    Anyone else been in the same position ? Any thoughts and advice are welcomed!
  2. Maybe start her out with a cheap 2nd hand postie - they have a 4 speed 'box with an automatic clutch.
  3. yeah... thought of that as well ... but the price difference between that bike and a nice looking scooter (which she would prefer) is not big ...
  4. I think you need to re-lookup the definition of a sports bike :LOL:

    You need to get her on a bike, in a car park riding around. Only then you can see what she needs instructing about, or maybe the clutch needs adjusting (small hands make it difficult to have a clutch that has it's friction point near the end... )
  5. You must be looking at some pretty cheap scooters then.
    Problem with the scoot is that if she then moves to a bike she'll be back to needing to learn clutch and gears at the same time (and handle the extra power) - a postie at least gets the idea of changing gears out of the way.
  6. LOL ... well .. I should have said - a bike that LOOKS like a sportsbike. I have the CBR600RR '08.... she likes the CBR125R cause it looks hot... I know they dont have much power ... but I still think they would be great to learn on and 2nd hand are not that expensive.

    yeah fair enough, I'll have a closer look at the postie bike option as well ...

    basically we dont want to waste money if possible ... so maybe getting a for eg. suggested vTR250 is not a bad option. although they are costly ...

    remember, at this stage its not about POWER ... its about being comfortable with how the bike handles, shifting gears and being able to do it in moving traffic.
  7. just get her a proper bike, take the time (in empty car park area etc, somewhere where all she has to do is concentrate on what she is doing ie no other hazzard) and just spend a few hours just practicing starting and stopping, i reckon she will pick it up pretty quickly.....ie you ride the bike there then put her on it until she builds up her confidence. :)
  8. thing is, she will only get her Learners for automatic bike, not manual.

    Getting a proper bike would be most ideal but she won't be allowed to ride it with automatic Ls :(
  9. get her to resit the exam.....imo if she doesn't keep trying she will never succeed :wink:
  10. i think u should just pillion her. she can be a danger to herself
  11. why not just buy a cheap (2-3k) older zzr, gpx, etc?

    then you can just go ride round n round a carpark till she gets the hang of it :)
  12. yeah, thats exactly what Im thinking ....
  13. Just take the fairings off until she gets the hang of changing gears :p
    Don't wanna mix up the brake and gear levers with fairing

    If she's getting frustrated with an instructor of gear changing, keep sending her there. Other wise everything will be your fault and anger will pursue.... Unless she's prone to make up with angry mean sex, then go ahead.
  14. It was probably too confronting learning everything at once. Now she is confident the bike is not going to fall over once moving, it might be much easier to learn the clutch, gear brake thing.

    then again if she wants the skoot, let here get it.

    Though for mine they are too dear for what they are these days.
  15. That's what I did.

    Car park with a slope - practice hill starting at the same time as using the clutch. Once you can do that then everything else is easy.

    edit: this was in addition to q-ride one-on-one lessons btw
  16. I'll tell the truth. When I was 16 I ran off to rider safe, sat on a road bike for the first time, and shat myself. Albeit with a huge grin on my face.

    For unrelated reasons I wasn't able to go to the second "qualifying" session.

    Years later I did the L's course again, but was about 500x more confident and took to it luck a duck to water scoring the highest out of anyone in the session, including the regular old "I've been riding bikes unlicenced for 20 years" guys (who failed every headcheck test. Concerning eh?).

    Give it a little time, then send her back to the course. Remember, professional instruction is going to be more effective. If she still isn't confident consider the rat-bike learning route, but be prepared to deal with the consequences of frustration.

    That said, ultimately it's her choice. If she simply doesnt want to learn manual, thems the chips.
  17. :shock:
    I was kinda hoping You'd bullshit to us :LOL:
    +1 on sending her to do the course again
  18. I think most people would be well off to take ANY forum advice with a bit of salt. Just a pinch. About....


  19. My first time on a bike was doing the Learners course and I'd never used gears before in my life! :LOL:

    It's a little confusing to start with, but she just has to keep with it! If I can do it anyone can I think :LOL:
  20. +1 to ALL of the above! Especially the last sentence :)

    My guy did this for me the first few times, helped keep the nerve levels down to manageable, and I just practised in local "industrial" carparks after hours and local quiet roads, two or three times a week, for the first few weeks ... that all said, by the end of the first carpark practice, I got brave and rode the bike home (all of 1.5ks! :LOL:) with my guy in the car behind me ... couldn't wipe the silly grin off my face for hours! :LOL: :grin:

    Agree though with perservering with professional instruction: easier for you if she gets "angry" with the instructor! :shock: :LOL:

    Edit: I DID consider getting my Ls on a scooter :oops: but what stopped this was the thought of being "restricted" to only scooter riding, and not utilising the opportunity of a safe and enclosed environment to learn to ride PROPERLY :wink:

    I am SO glad I did!!!! Motorbikes are waaaaaaay more fun than a scoot could ever be on the open road! :biker: