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Need advice for leaners bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by hyper24, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Okai got my license tuesday, brought jacket, helmet, gloves and boots today (pants are on the way)

    Now its time for the last thing... a bike.

    Now a CBR250RR on bikesales starts at around $5000, same with ZZRs.

    FZRs start a bit cheaper, around $3500

    For $5000 you can buy an RGV, I know for a fact ill get bored of a 4stroke 250s power.
    And im not the type to be stupid with an RGV first off, and will defiently take my time, weeks if not months before I start really even getting into the power of the RGV.
    Apart from it being a 2 stroke (maintence issues compared to a 4) is their any reason why I shouldnt get an RGV over a ZZR or CBR?

    Also theres this FZR http://www.bikesales.com.au/as/sear...tedMakeIndex=62&previousResultPerPage=20&x=10
    Pretty cheap (FZRs seem to be about a grand and a half cheaper then the others in general), and right around the corner from me, im guessing Ks are legit apposed to those 89 models with 18,000 ks.

    What are peoples thoughts on all of this.

    Mind you im a complete biker newbee, and trying to get all the procs and cons of these bikes.
  2. RGV's are a bloody awesome bike but unless you have some mechanical knowledge or a lot of spare cash i'd go the 4 stroke.

    One of my friends has an RGV and i've seen how much time and money he has spend getting things fixed and maintained, but having said that he was also a complete N00b when he got his bike and he seems to have gotten used to the powerband pretty quickly and is loving every minute on the bike.
    Just remember you'll want to upgrade in 15 months and a RGV is no match for a 1000. :wink:
  3. disclaimer: my opinion only

    if it were me on restrictions again, i would go straight to a mid-90s japanese 600. much better engineering than all the 250s with 80s technology. better suspension, brakes, tyres and build quality. i see the added power as a bonus because you will learn respect the bike, but it's there when you want it. i've never been pulled over in 5 years of riding so the chances of it happening are slim enough that i'd run the risk. again, this is only my opinion. just something to ponder. i know half the members on this board will shoot me down. and the other half will silently agree.
  4. I know how it feels. Got the gear but which bike. Well check this one.

    There's plenty to choose from. Take your time and make a decision on your own terms. And once you make your choice, stick to it and do nothing but enjoy your ride. No regrets. You would need to hang with it for a year right. So get something which really hits the spot. Its like getting married eh?
  5. Im about to change bikes and sell mine, CBR250R mine doesn't suit my riding style.
    Yet to work out what it is aswell :shock:
    Im curious, how to work out what a bike is worth? How does a newbie get a gague on bikes worth?
    I did the bikesales valuation thingy, not bad but do many believe it?
  6. I'd steer away from that FZR250; there's plenty of good cheap FZR's around... but that one just doesn't quite look like it'd be a great idea.
    1. It has neons installed and the seller is advertising that as a selling point!?
    2. It's a wanna-be respray that stinks of Sumoto/Southside.
    3. It's a 1988 model 2KR which is the oldest and least refined of the FZR250's.

    If you like the idea of a Fizzer (and i love my Fizzer's!) try and get your hands on a newer model '91+ 3LN3. They've got twin front discs, and a single headlight, aswell as the newer deltabox frame and the EXUP valve.

    For more info on them head over to FZR250.com.
  7. For any FZR250 advice go to www.FZR250.com :D

    Personaly I love those older FZRs as I think they have less problems than the newer ones...

    For around that sort of money you can pickup a good CBR250R (basicaly in the same condition and age)

    RGV250 are a realy good bike... but thay are maintanance hungry and can be expensive to service/repair... not to mention the power band...
  8. I have notice many use the compliance date as a selling point.
    The bike in the OT is a 1998 advertising in opening line 1995.
    Now to the novice, many wont even think twice.

    I think you should offer both dates. But not to push the newer one, after all the bike wasn't made in 1995

    In my eyes is wrong to do so, what do others think??
  9. When people say the 2 strokes will need a rebuild every 10,000 ks are they being serous?

    To tell you the truth, if it is something like that im not really worried, ive just started doing automotive engineering so rebuilding an engine would be pretty fun in my eyes.

    But being a bike that im thinking of driving to uni and work every day, maybe a 2 stroke isnt what im looking for?
    As rebuilding it once would be fun, a second time would just be annoying.

    What are these bikes like (rgv, cbr, ninja, FZR) say for ride smoothness, gear changing etc.

    The cb250s we rode at H.A.R.T were shocking in my opinion, maybe im just use to a car?

    Theres about 7 RGVs on bikesales.com pretty much the same price and K's


    If the bikes are the same price, why would someone choose a CBR over an RGV is pretty much what im trying to ask.
  10. :shock: must be a summer thing. you should be able to get a half decent zzr for 4k (that's what i'll be selling mine for.)
  11. Don't forget the GPX250... same motor as the ZZR but is cheaper, lighter, and just as much fun... :grin:

    For more info check out http://www.ninja250.com/...