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Need advice for Easter tour - Sydney to Brisbane and back

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by dcart3r, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. I'm thinking about a short tour to Brisbane and back over Easter. Luggage and gear is pretty much all sorted (in the real world and in my head), but the thing I'm not so sure on is the exact route to take. I've searched the forum for previous tours and read a few of those, but thought with all the wisdom floating around here I should put it to my fellow Netriders for route suggestions.

    Some things to consider:
    - Two days up, two days back. Leave on morning of Good Friday, stay at my dad's on Easter Saturday, leave Easter Sunday to get home on Easter Monday.
    - Will still be on my L's, so don't need the most challenging roads.
    - Would like to avoid as much traffic as possible.

    Looking mainly for route suggestions, however happy for any and all advice.

  2. Hi a goood route is if you take bucketts way to gloucester then thunderbolts way to walcha,oxley hwy to bendemeer,then take new england hwy,maybe stay at armidale 1 night.then onto tenterfield,(new england is a bit boring but not much traffic),then bruxner hwy to tabulum,turn off for wodenbong and then the logan hwy through beaudesert into brisbane.the trip is about 1100k,all sealed roads with some nice scenery thrown in and plenty twisties to keep you awake.theres plenty other options on extra routes along the way but will take a bit longer.
  3. Can you ride up here on your L's unaccompanied?

    Just curious, because a 17 y.o. boy got booked for not having the L plate attached to the exterior of the car (was inside of windscreens front and back), his Dad got booked as he was supervising, while driving in NSW.

    Just wondering if the same applies for NSW learners when in Qld - do you have to follow our rules?

    Good Luck with the trip.
  4. IN Qld you legally need to be escorted if you're on your L plate
    Correct Carolf :)

    Greaser posted an ok ride, but beware Woodenbong is EXTREMELY bumpy
  5. :? fcuken qld bullshit rules. i would take a punt and reckon you would be right to go. that is not legal advice, just what i would do.

    ok how do you want to go about it? two of the best roads in the state "could" be done, it depends on how many kms you are prepared to stack on in a day.

    MY suggested route would be start with the putty, then singo to dungog (cant remeber the name of the road but its easy enough to find) buckets way to glouster, then EITHER go up to uralla via thunderbolts way OR head on to taree via the rest of buckets up to port maq then all the way back to armidale or uralla via the oxley hwy. the latter would be my route of choice, and would be about 700kms. i would suggest doing the second half of the trip via the New England and Gwydir Hwy, NE from armidale up to Glenn Inness, then the Gwydir which will take you down to Grafton, then over to ballina, and through byron up to the Border.

    so far your only time on the freeway was taree to Port Maq which was about 65kms, or none at all if you take thunderbolts.

    from ballina to byron is a nice scenic costal road, not really twistie but. once over the border i cant really tell you since ive only ever been up the main freeway on the way to surfers a couple of times.

    good luck with it and if you have any more details Qns about the route dont hestitate to PM me.

  6. When can I drive in Queensland on my interstate driver licence?

    You are only allowed to drive in Queensland on your interstate driver licence if you:

    * only drive the class of motor vehicle authorised on that licence
    * comply with the conditions (if any) of your licence
    * carry your licence with you at all times when driving and immediately show it to a police officer when asked to do so.

    so, you are to obey the states road rules, and adhere to the conditions of your current licence, not the local equivalent.
    you can legally ride with no escort. :)
  7. Cheers for the replies guys (and gal).

    Didn't know that about QLD licence restrictions - seems pretty silly, but I guess it's true when they say "Not just an hour behind". (I'm a Queenslander so no flames thanks :p )

    Planning to get out on a few lengthy rides before Easter to test what kind of duration of riding I'm comfortable with. Will use the advice to plot my course after that.
  8. Joel if thats the case why did a Qld p plater get booked for displaying his plates illegally in NSW even though it was how the QLD law states he can?
  9. because the vehicle must comply with the laws, and the licenced operator must ride within the conditions of his/her licence. you need to understand that displaying a p plate, is much the same as displaying your number plate, there are standards involved. however, driving/riding within the conditions of your licence is a different story.
    reading QLD road rules, it actually isnt legal to have the plates fixed to the inside of the vehicle as it can impede vision :!:
    perhaps your police are a little relaxed about that bit?
  10. Our police are something and relaxed isn't the word I'd use..

    I had one threaten to taser me the other day.. and why.. because I was trying to stop a photographer take a pic of a rider who'd crashed and was recieving treatment.
    I didn't threaten anyone, or act in any threatening manner, but he said I *embarassed him* so I deserved to be tasered.
  11. The RACQ is taking up this one, trying to get all fines dropped. Will be interesting to see how it end up!