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need advice for buying 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by malando_star69, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. Ok, i can either pick up a zzr,gpx,across under 3900 around 96. However, 2005 GPX 250R is coming out and Kawasaki have dropped the price to $5500 brand spanking. Now I won't be getting 1st party insurance no matter what bike i buy but taking into account resale, driving, cost, which is the better option? thanks

  2. I would personally go for a secondhand bike, for a first bike.. Most likely the bike will be dropped while learning... A first bike should be pretty basic, just to learn the skills... Spend the rest of your money on proper riding clothes... And save up for a brand new second bike :twisted:

    That's what I would do.. But everybody is different...

    Have fun and stay safe :D :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  3. yeah thanks for the advise, much appreciated, keep them coming zzr250 96 model i can pick up for like low 3's and across i can pick up for high 3's but later models closer to 00ish
  4. Totally agree. :D

  5. mate i just remebered one of my mates had a cbr and he dropped his and they only thing that happ was a snapped brake handle which costed $15 to fix so cbr's arent a prob if you accidently drop it
  6. If you scratch or break the plastics then your in for some serious $$$$
  7. yes maybe but when you dropp a CBR it wont touch the plastics becos the mirrors and handles are there to stop it so it wont cost $$$$$
  8. thats only if you WANT to fix it.... they look better without the faring anyway :LOL:

    mate of mine dropped his CBR250 off his stand and it busted the LH faring, the front faring, the screen, mirror and his left peg :shock:

    malissa (my GF) dropped her gpx 4 times and stacked into a car once with less damage than that :LOL:
  9. I have an excellent 250 for sale right now. Yamaha Zeal FZX250. Very low kms, full service history. Always garaged. Owned by me since new (bought Feb 2001). Reason for selling is that I am upgrading soon.

    Running costs are low. Full comprehensive insurance costs me $32/month. Resale value will be good as its done low kms. (Most have 2-3 times as many kms). Wouldnt be surprised if you could sell it in 15 months time for a similar price as I am selling it now. Mechanically its in excellent condition, and its always been 100% reliable. No ifs or buts.

    Im pretty sure first to see it in the flesh will buy it.

    Check out

    There is a link there to photos and how to contact me.

    Believe me, it is a bargain. At that price dealers started calling me asking to sell it on consignment because the price is low enough for them to make a profit off it as well. (But Im avoiding going to them for the time being!).

    Will keep up with all the sporty 4 cylinder 250's as it has effectively the same engine as the FZR250 in it, except tuned for more midrange torque.

  10. Hate to tell you as you seem to be a bike expert :shock: your friend only breaking a brake lever was a fluke. If you drop a 140odd kg bike on it's side plastic will break, it happened to someone i know.. does that make me an expert too??
    I'm not dissing you, but you've managed to mention that in about 3 of your posts, and since you've only made 13(last time i looked) and a few were to hard sell your bike (ever heard of bikesales/bikepoint/tradingpost?) and others were to be nasty to other members of this forum, how about you chill a bit?? Maybe you should be learning from people in this forum, not trying to impress them with your lack of knowledge?
  11. Joel the simple fact is that on average, across a range of accident situations faired bikes cost more to fix than unfaired bikes.

    Simply because there are extra bits to break (the fairings :)