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Need advice about SRV250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by shushunei, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,
    So far I've been reading good comments on SRV250, too bad the information about it is almost as rare as the bikes themselves.
    So I'm hoping those who owns SRV250 could help me out with the questions I've got...

    1. How much do you reckon should a '97 SRV250 Renaissa cost?
    2. Does the Renaissa come in only in the late 90s or Yamaha offered both versions at the same time?
    3. I know they are rare bikes, so in terms of spare parts, do you have trouble finding them? And since they have similar engines to the Virago, are any of the parts interchangeable?
    4. How bulletproof are they?
    5. Any pointers for people wanting to buy them?

    Thanks for the help...

  2. I test rode one the other day, but I don't know too much about them. Nice torque, cool style. The v-twin has been used in tons of other bikes apparently (I'm quoting a salesman here). They sound nice!!!

    As for price, the one I rode was priced at 4200, i think its overpriced though.. I think somewhere in the mid threes would be justified.
  3. What's the mileage on that $4200 SRV?

  4. 1. Dunno - $2500 - 3 perhaps?
    2. AFAIK the Renaissa followed the initial SRV 250, I personally like the older ones - more chrome and has that classic look and feel.
    3. No problems with most spares - they are a mildly-tuned version of a 250 Virago engine. Most parts would be interchangeable, cams were different. About 500 SRVs were sold in Oz, unsure how many Renaissas.
    4. Very - they are willing, reliable and as good as any modern Yammy is.
    5. Look for usual things in a second-hand bike. Remeber that it may be ard to sell later due to its rarity (or could be easier, hard to tell!). Like most bikes, a good and verifiable service history will help. No problems that I know of, except for a weakish rear brake and basic suspension. They were a contender for Two Wheels Bike of the Year when they came out...
  5. It was 40,000kms
  6. I remember reading about them, when they first come out. I may have a two wheels at home with a review of the early one.

    Impression I got was they were very good, but too dear.

    Since then the VTR-250 has been mildly successful in the market and if they were to re-release the Srv at a little less than the vtr it would probalby now be quite successful.

    As far as I know the renaissa was a second generation thing.

    I just wish they had of brought out one with the 535 engine in it.
  7. I think the problem was that the SRV sufferred due to a size issue. It was 'just' a 250, and expensive if viewed from that angle. If it was viewed as a motorcycle and a great one at that, then it's good value. I bought mine on a full licence and had a ball on it. Fitted clip-ons, 2 into 1 exhaust and away I went. I don't have it now but it was a fine-handling, fun little jigger. Write-up were in Two Wheels around mid-1995, I'm sure there's road tests or reviews on the web.
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  9. I actually am a proud owner of a 94 SRV. One thing you will find out is it seems that not many people know anything about them, not even the Yamaha dealers...trying to find a manual is pretty much impossible but supposidly working from a virago manual comes pretty close. I haven't had any problems with parts as my dad does it all for me :oops: hehe but he seems to be able to find parts no problem. Mine has a lot of km sitting around 90 000 at the moment but you would never be able to tell. They really are a wonderful bike to ride. I have had no real dramas with her. Half the time I find I can ride with my eyes closed as she seems to do most of the work for me. I guess I'm biased though as I love my bike :grin: When I was searching around for them they all seemed to be in the $4000 range. I don't think the newer ones ie 97 models were as good as the older ones, but that is just from memory. I still get people coming up and telling me how much they love the SRV and what a nice ride it is.

    Anyways enough of my crapping on *goes back to lurking*
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  11. Price Check SRV 250 Renaissa

    I have just spotted a nice SRV 250 on the web for a good cheap first bike

    It is advertised at 3990, with 34700 kms on the clock.
    Is this a rip off, what should I offer. Have heard good things about these little bikes for a first run around.

    It would be nice to get a cheap bike and have enough left over for some gear

    What should I look for when I inspect???
  12. Offer less, see how you go. It's maybe on the exey side of par for the course. Got a link to it? What year is it?

    There are no major problems that I am aware of, check things that you would inspect with any second-hand bike. They are not a stressed revvy engine i.e. like some 4-cylinder 250s so will last a while. 34k is not much for mileage (depending on the year).
  13. These are my favourite 250's. Classic styling and friendly to ride. I had my heart set on one of these when they were released but they were near impossible to find second hand.

    I rode one a few years ago, and they ride just as you expect, very similar to a spada and a great commuter that will draw the odd admiring glance.

    Just under $4k is the going price it seems, but I'd haggle over it. They seem to hold their price well, at times they are quite in demand and it seems there's an undersupply of them. All these years later I'd still take pride in owning one.

    Could be a bit of a classic in years to come, a design that will never age.
  14. I know I've mentioned it previously, but i wished I'd never sold mine. I even bought the thing new on a full licence, that's how much I liked them. Parts are mainly same or similar to a Virago, you shouldn't have any issues with servicing or spares. Let us know how you go Dee - I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  15. SRV


    I owned a 95 (or 96 cant remember) SRV as my first bike. I thought it was fantastic. I did over 30k on it in the first year I owned it. In the four years I owned the SRV I didn't have a single problem with the bike. All I did was service it myself and change tyres. I think I may have replaced the battery.

    They are flat out at about 120 but I fitted a smaller rear sprocket (2 teeth down from standard) and it made a huge difference to highway riding. It reduced the revs at 100 by nearly 800rpm. You can ride them flat out all day though. I fitted a sheepskin seat and toured the whole east coast. Just brilliant and a very forgiving first bike.

    Im not small either (6'2'') but found the bike to have plenty of room. Im actually upset I sold it to by my first large bike (an xj750) which broke down all the bloody time.

    Good luck and I hope you go with the SRV. They have heaps more class than a VTR.
  16. THey make great city bikes. My only quarm with them is the brakes but after riding mates CBR600s and ZX9's and having a VFR800 there is just a little bit of difference there....

    But yes quite a bit of poke for a 250 I was impressed at how quick it got to the speed limit first time I rode mine.
  17. Speaking of similarities to the Virago, the SRV has an extra gear as well, doesn't it?

    I've got a pic somewhere of a SR500 engine in an SRV frame. That'd be alright.
  18. The Stevie Ray Vaughan memorial bike... can't go wrong there!