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Need advice about accident (not my fault)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nakkas, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. I split to the front of a three lane road, in between the right and middle straight direction lanes and as the lights were about to turn green I start inching forward on the bike to get in front of the car in the middle lane. Just to assume the front position.

    I immediately feel a crunch, the person saw me moving forward (light still red) and thought the traffic was moving and acclerated (right into the back left corner of my bike)..

    She had a brand new BMW and did a bit of damage to her front bar and my gear lever got hit and its a bit rough..

    She apologised, so now how do I get my bike fixed? I don't have insurance on the bike, so it's not as easy. I got her details and everything..

    Do I just get it repaired and invoice her, who passes it onto the insurance company?


  2. a gear lever..i wouldn't worry about it just go down to the wreckers pay a couple $$ and be on your way.
  3. get 3 quotes for the repairs and mail them to her asking her to pay the cheapest.
  4. I'd rather not let it go, just in case my doing nothing means she thinks she can tell her insurance company I was at fault. I don't want to pay for a spray job on a new beemer..

    Yeah, I might take it to a bike repair place, anyone know any in the SE Subs of Melbourne?
  5. Have a look in the leagle and politics section about leeters of demand.
    it has some good info on this sort of thing.
  6. She shouldn't have hit you, but she can also argue you over took her in a dangerous manner, at least that's what the insurance company will say to you in their letter.
    Fix it yourself and give yourself some more room from the cars next time.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Sounds like she is liable to pay for the damage . Professional repairs generally can be expensive, I assume you want a decent job done :?: .

    First get some quotes, if it's a decent amount for repairs call her for her insurance company details and ring them up , they can process the claim over the phone and sent you off for repairs. If its an insurance claim they may send an assessor to assess the damage.Confirm with her and the insurance company that she will pay any excess

    If you have a reputable repairer they can process the claim for you . Again before any work is done confirm with the repairer that she will be required to pay any excess .

    Or ,
    If it is only a small amount send her the quote and ask her to pay. Most people are generally ok with this if they are at fault. :)
  8. Was she hot?!?!?

    Beemer... we already know she's rich.

    And you have her number, you say???

  9. Dude, I'ts just a gear lever. :?
  10. Thats what i said, who cares! If she trys to pin it on you then hit her up for it.
  11. .........
  12. I'm with MG on this one. If she said sorry then she's admitted fault. She should contact her insurer and give you a claim number to quote when you contact them. Do that and take it from there. :) I can't believe for a second that the gear lever was damaged and nothing else so it's best to do things properly. As a general rule, for anything less than $5000 an insurance company will pay without investigation unless you have numerous previous claims. :)

    If you can't use the gear lever and need the bike, just buy one and put the old one back on when the assessor comes to look at it. :wink:
  13. If it really is only a gear lever then I would contact her and say "look ther eis only a small amount of damage to my bike - $xxx should fix it up.) and let her choose if she gives you cash or goes thru the insurance.

    If she wants to give you cash, draw up a receipt saying that she accepts liability for the accident and that this is full and final payment from her for the damage caused. (both keep a copy signed by both)

    But thats only if there is no other damage.
  14. I would agree with the above here. If insurance companies get involved they will play the "you were at fault" card. Its proabably not worth it for a small sum. I would however get a full and final letter (otherwise known as a settlement letter) from her. That way if she tries anything later you have this to fall back on.
    Happy to help draft one or send you a template. PM me.
  15. I read a little more into it than just a gear lever ..
  16. It is not her place to admit fault, even if she does admit the accident was her fault and you involve insurance companies... If you were in the wrong legally, then the insurance company will recover the costs of her bumper from you, I would just fix the lever and leave it at that... It is a lot cheaper than getting a spray on her bumper. Unless, she is willing to polish your gear lever (provided she is hot) ;)

    Just go get a new lever... It will cost you bugger all, and she will have no problem paying for it... Or just dont invoice her for it. Cause, a. she is already rich and b. she would prefer to pay for a lever more so than insurance excess. After all they dont get rich by throwing their money around.

    Also... Maybe you should think about insurance so you dont have to deal with something like this again. Cause next time... It maybe worse... and next time... people may not care so much. :LOL:
  17. People still ride without insurance? Write this one down as a learning opportunity and buy yourself new bits and some insurance.
  18. Update.. I took my bike to a bike smash repair place who had a look. It was the gear lever and the whole assembly, including the rod and stuff. Because it's a grey import, things are a bit more expensive..

    They quoted me $209 to replace the whole assembly with 2nd hand bits.

    I rang her and asked her if she was going through insurance, she said she wasn't going to. I told her the bill was $209 and she said she'd talk to her husband (not a big deal, I wouldn't go her) and get back to me..

    The bike repair place said all I had to do was give them the claim no. and the bike and they'd sort it all out for me. They said it'd be a lot of f*cking around if I did it all solo..
  19. I got a full comp quote, it was $3600.. Faired, grey import and I'm 20 and have had 2 car accidents since 18..

    I bought my bike for $2600..

    I figure that 3rd party property isn't worth it, because at most I'd do a panel or two of damage to a car. I'm guessing 3rd party will cost me about $500 a year and an excess of $850, I might as well pay out the cost, in the event of an accident..

    TAC is the insurance I care most about on my bike..
  20. Yes a panel or two, with the way the new cars crumple on impacts greater than 20km/hr will still be more than your comprehensive insurance.

    Hrrrm 2 car accidents in two years, under 21 on a fully faired bike, if I were you I'd make sure I could afford good insurance.

    My minds way of thinking is that if you can't afford insurance then you can't afford the bike. But each to their own. I think you should really consider 3rd party.