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Need a tyre repaired, Melbourne west recommendations?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by RoderickGI, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. G'Day folk,

    I have a tyre with a small puncture so I'm looking for recommendations of a bike shop that is likely to be willing to repair a tyre, rather than insist I replace it. Said tyre has a very small hole with a slow leak in the centre of the rear tyre. As it has a few thousand kilometers left on it otherwise, it is worth repairing.

    However, I want someone who will patch it on the inside, rather than plug it, so they need to have motorcycle tyre removal and replacement gear on hand. I suspect most car tyre places would butcher the rims of a motorcycle wheel getting the tyre off.

    Any recommendations over Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook way?

    Thanks in advance people.
  2. Race Replica, Brooklyn?

    Otherwise any tyre shop that sells bike tyres I guess (helpful I know)...
  3. Yeah I'll ring around the motorcycle shops after finishing an internet search, if I don't get a solid recommendation.

    I just know that some shops will refuse to repair a bike tyre. Just trying to save some time, and find a friendly repair place.
  4. If it's in the centre of the tread (generally the middle third) you'll find most places will be happy to repair it. If on the outer thirds they'll refuse. The plugs they use have a large patch inside the tyre that can interfere with normal flexing of the tyre when cornering. I had one done on a frustratingly close to new PR2 at a place in Sunbury and he jammed me $40 for the privilege even though I brought him the wheel. I paid it because I needed it done, but you'll get it done for less.
  5. Also try City West Yamaha in Hoppers Crossing.
  6. Hmm, City West Yamaha only plug punctures from the outside, and can't do it until Monday.

    Race Replica only patch on the inside (well done guys) and should be able to squeeze me in first thing tomorrow. They also actually mention tyre repairs on their web site.

    Most other places have little to no web presence, and don't advertise tyre repairs. I couldn't be bothered ringing around too many, so Race Replica it is. They do want to charge $45 though. But then so do the others.

    We'll see how they go.
  7. Bob Jane on the big roundabout at the top of Elizabeth St. They have a specific motorbike guy who patched mine up in 10 mins.
  8. Donski is right. They have Motorcycle specific equipment in there.
  9. Donski's always right Rog I think you'll find.
  10. I've just got a nail in me near new PR2, so can normal tyre places do it or do you need to go to a bike shop? and as I've only the bike at the moment what's a ball park figure for getting it done with the wheel still on the bike???
  11. Well the boys at Race Replica took one look at the tyre and said, "Nuh, can't fix it. It's unroadworthy."

    Oh well, I wanted it patched rather than plugged because it was near end of life, and I didn't think a plug would hold well, not to mention I didn't want to make the hole worse just to get a plug in.

    Chris and Dave were straight forward about it, and said their duty of care would not allow them to repair it.

    It looks like the owner (not me) will have to save up some money, and will probably replace both tyres when she can.

    BTW, Race Replica would have charged $45 less Netrider discount to patch it on the inside, properly. Plugging from the outside should be cheaper, but only good for emergencies, IMHO.

    Good to know for the future that Bob Jane in the city has a bike man, and maybe other branches do as well. Perhaps not though, since that branch must get lots of motorcycles dropping in from Elizabeth street. Thanks Donski.