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Need a sports/supersports rental in melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by disassembled, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. I've got a mate of mine coming down from NSW later in the week for a couple of days. We were planning to do a bit of riding while he's down here. I'm shopping around to try to find him a rental bike, not having alot of luck finding something suitable.

    We're looking for a 600cc plus supersports, problem being he's 23. (Holds a full licence and has done for about 4 years). Also a very experienced rider. This doesn't seem to fit well with the bike hire companies, and a 250cc isn't suitable anyway. (6'3, 100kg)

    Anyone had any experience with this, or suggestions?
  2. Try Garners in Nth melbourne Peel street. They have a CBR600f a Triumph TT? and a few others Ducati monster, Yamaha FZ6N, FZ1 not sure of prices though.
  3. Thanks Oz650

    Already had a look at them, policy is 25+ for anything decent unfortunately
  4. You get a bike in nth melb
    but be careful of the fine print
    If you drop it may as well go buy a new one :shock:
    You will have to pay a hugh deposit has well
  5. Try clipstone Yamaha in ringwood, they hire out some nice machines.
  6. Will do, thanks loz
  7. Few of my mates hired out Honda VTR250 and CBR250 RR from Garners in Nth Melb. The bikes are quite good, although you will need to provide a ~$2000 deposit just in case you crash the bike. I think it was ~$200 - $250 for 2 days, but it does depend on what type of bike you are hiring.