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Need a RWC on a new bike - Melbourne inner city.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OC1, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. Just got hold of a new bike - that is - 1 1/2 years old but only done 35kms. Owner went for her license but never passed it and gave up!

    Rego has expired so I am buying unreg'ed. I suppose I need a RWC to register it again. It is at my place (Southbank) so does anyone know of someone that does onsite RWC??

    As it has only had the occasional start, would also like a quick service (oil, grease chain, check battery etc) before I start riding it.

  2. you can get a permit to ride it, it cost me $60 for a 28day permit. that way you can ride it to the roady place (should pass no worries with that many ks on it :LOL: ) and then again over to vicroads for them to check the bike out....
  3. If I have a RWC, why does Vicroads need to see the bike unless they suspect something is wrong with the RWC??
  4. Thick loads like to verify chassis numbers and things like that and I heard that another reason is because some people managed to get registration on vehicles that have been written off so they want to see the vehicle being registered.
  5. there are also a shiteload of places out there that will do a dosgy or lazy roadworthy. they need to site the bike to make sure it is what you say it is and that the numbers match and will even have a quick look over the bike i've been told. i'll be finding this out shortly, i have to do the same thing with Missa's bike....
  6. Hmmmm - how much should I charge THEM for MY time - useless buerocrats!
  7. OC1, welcome to democracy, land of the bureacrat and red tape :) Keeps a shitload of people in work.
  8. $290 p/a rego (country)
    $8 per $200 value of the bike - stamp duty
    $35 inspection fee @ vicroads
    $16 fees (new plate??)

    Once the inspection is booked at VicRoads you may ride it to them without a permit.