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Need a pipe for RWC

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DarkAz, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Well it seems the pipe on the CBR is too loud to pass a RWC :(

    Don't suppose anyone has a stock CBR600f3 slip on I could borrow for a couple of days? - heck I'll even "hire" it off you.

    Alternatively I pay someone to fit some baffles in the current pipe - but that just seems overkill.

  2. You know, it might help to make mention where you live?
  3. Wrap a sheath of steel wool from the supermarket with some copper wire (after you remove the plastic!) and gently place it around the inside of your muffler (after removing the end cap or the muffler from the pipe so you can get access).

    It won't last long but it will last long enough to provide a fair bit of baffling while you get a RWC (don't block the pipe).
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  4. oops... I'm in Vic (Narre Warren South)

    Yeah I had thought about the steel wool option, will use that as a fallback I guess.
  5. If you got pinged for 'too loud' a noise you might just cop another 'note' in the future, have you rung wreckers asking for a price on a 'reasonable' original can? thought about trading post? reason I mention this, if you are keeping the bike for a while longer, always easier for a buyer [and you making a sale] if original pipe is supplied [for rwc sake]

    just a thought..
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  6. I've got a stocker for an F4i, though I don't know that it'll fit an F3.
  7. haven't been pinged goddie, just trying to get the thing back on the road after a (long) hyatis... so rwc is required as rego lapsed a long time ago :( Got a few wreckers looking for me, fingers crossed something turns up.

    Not sure if the f4i will fit straight on... might do some research on that, but have a feeling it's different - thanks
  8. Go and visit Ken at
    in Cheltenham Rd, Keysborough.
  9. Managed to find one thanks to Keith at Vic. Motorcycle Wreckers :)
  10. Ironically when I dropped the bike (which is why it's been off the road) it was outside Ken's ex wife's house!