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need a pair of boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cbr-princess, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. hey peeps.

    im after a pair of boots.
    something that looks like a runner that is just above the ankle. ( i wanted the puma flat 2 but my feet are too small)
    i am having alot of trouble coz im a ladies 6 1/2.
    i could prob fit into kids boots too.

    any suggestions???????????
  2. I know when I checked out the Dainese store in italy they had dainese a great looking motorcycle shoe. I haven't seem them in australia although they could of started importing them.

    Maybe call around a few diff shops?

  3. ;p

    well i just phoned ducati and they recon they do make them in small sizes. i have a pair of puma runners i just bought at home, so ill just get the size of them and hopefully it should be the same for the bike boots.
  4. ;p

    oowwww.. i just saw some sexc dainese ones on the webpage....
    hmm... decisions..
  5. Don't get shoes, get proper calf length boots. Take it from me, having a bike land on your ankle hurts and does a shitload of damage.
  6. I agree, you may as well wear normal shoes and save yourself some cash...I don't know why manufacturers bother making protective clothing that offers no protection :?
  7. ;p

    yes of course. im getting ones that sit just above my ankle. they dont provide shine protection but definately cover my ankles.
  8. I saw some at Race Replica and was told they were a new model, so you might not have seen them.

    They were Alpinestar. A quick google search through up these, these and these.

    But I'm guessing you'll want something a bit more chicky judging by the Pumas :wink: :LOL:
  9. ;p

    the alpines are very bulky.
    I have ordered the puma flat 2. lets just hope they fit me when they arrive
  10. Hi,

    I have a pair of both the Puma flat2 and the Puma brutale RR. Both pairs of boots are very comfortable. I normally wear the flat 2 all day without any issues.
  11. Those alpinestars ankle height boots are really just sneakers. They offer bugger all protection and from what I hear they wear very quickly.

    Be careful when buying that type of "motorbike shoe" because a lot of them are just shoes with a bike gear brand slapped on them.
  12. :p

    jeeps01 do the flat 2 provide ankle protection? that is the only reason i am buying them coz i have a gr8 pair of leather pumas i could wear instead. lol
  13. Re: ;p

    they might cover your ankle, but they dont do farking diddly squat to protect it. the boot needs to go halfway up your calf to offer protection, to stop your ankle from being able to roll and snap, and offer some impact protection.

    feel free to get what is basically an expensive pair of sneakers, but i really suggest u listen to Dougz or Bamm-Bamm. would you prefer to look trendy with a fooked ankle when the ambo's arrive if u crash/get hit, or be able to walk properly for the rest of your life?
  14. In my opinion they do provide ankle protection and are quiet sturdy. What other people have said here however is true in the sense that you don't get the same protection that a full height boot will give you. I bought them because I needed something I could wear riding to work or out and could walk in all day in if I had to. I have a second pair which are the brutale that I use if I am going on a longer ride. Once again they are are also pretty comfortable to walk in.
  15. These are the ones I have but with the blue puma stripe. I noticed there is a new version of them. Not sure what they are like

  16. Those boots from Aldi LOOK as though they've got the right 'goods' in the pic, a bit "DriRider-ish" in appearance?? Better anyway than over-priced Pumas purporting to be bike boots! :roll:
  17. ;p

    hmm... im very confused at what 2 do now :(
  18. Even though I'm an absolute beginner and yet to buy boots (got my "L"s only three days ago) for me it's still a no-brainer: buy the best protection you can afford (within reason/budget)

    From what I've read so far, written by the more experienced amongst us (jackets, pants, helmets, gloves, boots) any "off" at any speed is gonna hurt no matter the level/years of experience, so why spend your hard-earned on anything that doesn't give you as-best-as-possible protection?

    Bite the bullet and invest ONCE in your safety :)
  19. ;p

    thanks for ur input blacknblue. i want something that is practical that also provides safety.
    if i buy them and feel they arent providing enough protection for the riding i am doing then i will buy another pair.
    its no dramas!!!