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Need a new tyre

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Pyrock, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Hi all.
    Im pretty sure my rear tyre is in need of replacement as the tread is worn down a fair bit.
    This will be my first tyre change so i am a bit of a newbie at it. i found numbers on my current tyre which are 130/90-16
    this is the tyre size that i need right?
    (i ride a GPX250 kawasaki)

    Next is im unsure as to what type of tyre i need.
    I use the bike at least 2-3 times a week on my 20-30km commute to uni with the occasional longer trip.
    Any suggestions on what to go with?

    Also any help on where i can go to get them changed (preferably at the same place i buy them)?
    I live in southeast Melbourne.

    Thanks (y)
  2. Yeah that's the size, do some research online and read some tyre reviews. Do u want a super sticky tyre that grips like crazy but only lasts for 3000 klms? Or something harder with less grip but lasts 20000 klms? All up to u. Although a 250 tyre doesn't need to be high performance IMHO
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  3. since i ride a decent amount im thinking i want something that will last longer. And yea, im not after any high performance stuff.
  4. whats wrong with bruce at mmts he is a nert raider you know
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  5. ring bruce on0413335598
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  6. +1 Bruce @ MMMTS.

    have a look in the service providers thread and check out all of the positive comments.

    You're unlikely to find better
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  7. thanks - ill have a look
  8. but I've been to Pablos. DOn't know bruce
  9. Definitely Bruce at MMTs :)
  10. hes very good
  11. wow is that you in youre avatar
  12. Yep. Tis me. Hello. :)
  13. hehehehehehehllo
  14. I used Pirelli Sport Demons when had a GPX and they were a very good all round tyre. There wasn't much variety in that size at that time, may have changed.
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  15. Another vote for Bruce and @MMMTS from me
  16. thanks for the suggestion