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Need a new rear tyre that will take me to alice springs and back

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Gord, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Doing the black dog ride in 3 weeks, and my current tyre will not be making the trip. Can someone suggest a hard-as-fuk touring compound that will go on my 2010 GS500 and take me to the red center and back? I'll be changing it again upon return to something softer. Also, what should I be paying for said tire?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Gord have a look at this :-http://www.foreven.com/motorcycles/Tyres/SuGS500E.htm

    All else failing.......Anything made by Dunlop or Bridgstone :)
    But having typed that and off topic a bit, I just tested the PR3 with the Durometer.....Its the hardest compound tyre amongst the tyres I stock (Rear Tyre)
  3. Michelin Pilot Activ?

    It's not a common size, is it? If you're really worried about getting stranded, buy two and leave one with someone to ship to you at short notice.
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  4. or drop a line to http://www.desertedge.com.au/ and see if they stock what you'd need to get you home again if your current rear would get you there...
  5. Thats a great call titus, I have one of these on my old bike and I hate it with a passion ( will swap it out one day) its as hard as and perfect for what you need it to do.
  6. Thanks guys. My current tire is already under 1.5mm tread depth, so won't be even starting the 5000k trip. I never knew about the gs500's lack of tire choice! Guess I'll go with the Michelin. Wonder if kmart tyre and auto do bikes...
  7. pack puncture rep kit too!
  8. Ummmmmmm nope :-s