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Need a new Laser Printer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Toecutter, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Your views please. My seven year old Lexmark has finally given up.

    This is for my work, so any recommendations for a colour one (rarely needed but handy) but still gets decent print capacity when printing black and white which will be the vast majority of the time - we'd use a ream of paper every couple of days.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. colour consumables cost a fortune. Unless you really need it, $150 gets you a mono laser these days
  3. Thanks for the replies

    I don't really need it, just be nice to have to print a photo, or maybe run a few brochures if I haven't got time to get to the printers.

    99% of prints will be black and white - so on-going cost, ease of topping up toner is more important than saving a few hundred up front.
  4. If you are printing a ream of paper every couple of days then you don't want a light duty laser printer.

    Something like the HP 4250 series (n or tn or dtn depending upon if you need extra paper trays and/or ethernet networking) is what I would be looking at.

    We have been running the earier 4100dtn at work for about 3 years now printing like crazy and it's been faultless and fairly cheap to run... very good on cartridge life (unlike the lighter duty 2500 series at the other depot I might add but that's another story).

    With your stated usage the cost difference caused by cartridge usage will make up the purchase price difference between a lighter duty printer and a heavier duty printer in a surprisingly short time.
  5. i got the hp 5100.

    you don't wanna know how much ink is! :shock:
  6. cheaper than epsons i bet... my plotter uses the colured liquid gold mixed with unicorns blood on the prices they charge!!!!
  7. Consumables for Inkjets are expensive compared to those for laser printers and those for colour laser printers are expensive compared to those for mono laser printers and low volume printers are more expensive per sheet than high volume ones.

    The difference can be as little as 2c per page for some mono lasers to as much as 50c per page for some color inkjets.