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Need a new job!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ksystemz, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Im a trainee in sales at a real estate , im pretty much not learning anything at all , because im a guru in pcs , i get the blame for the pcs not working , they swear and blame me for it happening , I have talked to the people who deal with trainee in real estate , and the main problem i have , im getting underpaid , the award wage is $457 and my boss told me it was $426 if you minus $57 for tax i get $367 when i should be getting $400 , if i rock up to the boss asking for more money im sure with the new laws about sacking employees i would get fired? ive been there for around 7 months , i worked out i have lost $792 from this! what can i do

  2. are you a proper trainee with contract and training provider etc?
    They cant fire you if you are, and you should talk to your provider about the boss.
  3. Indeedy , he said i have to pay for training , then he will pay me back after i have completed it, which i found abit weird. just getting underpaid atm which sux ,
  4. My opinion is to leave. Your boss is a career asshole, you are getting screwed, and you will be saced for being right.
    Look after yourself, next job get your agreement in writing, even down to holidays, who pays for training etc.
    You have to look after yourself these days, teh government is out of the loop.
    If someone swears at you, threaten them personaly with an harrassment charge. fcuk em.
    Oh, and wait till they are REALLY busy to leave.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. When i left before there like " can you still fix the pcs "
  6. fix the pcs with a worm, that'll fix 'em alright
  7. He did, the boss is a worm
  8. The market is crap now , i rather go back when its like a boom and i make heaps of commision
  9. Yeah sure he will :roll: The guy sounds very dodgy, start looking for another job.
  10. I know the feeling.
    I lost my last job, and took this one, which is great in terms of atmosphere and the people I work with.

    but the pay sux, and I found out the other day that they're offering a n00b $45,000pa to do the same as me, and I'm only getting $36,000.

    I know that for some of you, it would be great money, but it's well below industry standard.

    If you ever get interested in PCs, go to TAFE, do a Dip of Networking and you'll be raking in the money before you can say boo.
  11. If you are completing a traineeship, you are actually quite well protected. If you let your provider know, they will (should) sort it out for you and you are legally entitled to be backpaid for earnings you are entitled to but have not received.

    Don't just leave and not do anything about it....antipathy is not a good thing. Be proactive. Even though there are new workplace laws, you still have basic rights that need to be met (unless you have signed an Agreement which should only have changed some of those rights but still needs to be approved before it is legally binding). If you are completing a Traineeship, you are covered by the Traineeship Award and these rights are not allowed to be altered or you forced to sign an Agreement.


    or call the Wageline number for more info.

    It doesn't hurt to look for another job and (I think) you can claim underpayments from former employers as long as you are quick about it. You may need to have started the process through letters/formal communication, but Wageline should be able to help.
  12. THIS is the National Training Wage Award.
  13. Bahahahahahah! That's funny! You are actually assuming that the relevant government departments will actually give a shit and pursue it!
    I can tell you now, they won't, don't and you shouldn't expect any help from anyone. My unlawful dismissal went nowhere, even though teh government is supposed to do something about it.....
    Like my super...yeah, the ATO has recorded teh problem...however, I was talking to the woman at Centrelink, she is owed $10,000 in super from a job she was sacked from 6 years ago.....do you know what it took to get the ATO even vaguely interested in pursuing my super?

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. you should just leave there and join the p0rn industry matty...sif you wont rake in the cash then :cool:
  15. haha , ill call it

    sir matti does asia
  16. The main requirement in this industry is you should able to hold it for at least 45 minutes. If you can then you will get a job straight away. No waiting.
  17. If you ever get interested in PCs, go to TAFE, do a Dip of Networking and you'll be raking in the money before you can say boo

    i have a certifcate in computer hardware/software which coverd networking
  18. isnt that like cert 1 thou matty ?

    you need to do more then that. you have to at least do cert 2 & 3. thats what i did. then it just comes down to luck, as most jobs days look for experience over qualifications.

    If you want to get an IT job, it's normally best working in a call centre and work your way up. thats how i had to do it