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Need a new chain and sprocket

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by stewy, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,

    Need to get a new chain and sprocket prefer today.... what should i get and where from? Can i get any extra perfomance out of the zzr250 by changing the size (not sure)? Don't mind paying a bit more if i could possible get a bit of gain out of it...

    Also should i replace the front at the same time as i replace the rear?

    Cheers stewy 8)
  2. Replace both front and back and chain at the same time. Give Bike Mart a call to see if they have what you need in stock. You will get a discount when you show your netrider card and its just round the corner from you.
  3. they are in bloody ringwood... i am in knox, places around the corner from me are, rowville, scoresby, and fernetree gully, not bloody ringwood.

    Ok will give them a call :oops:
  4. It's not worth changing the rear sprocket size (to smaller), as these bikes are only just adequate at highway speeds anyway. Changing the gearing will give you better acceleration, at the expense of (slightly) increased fuel consumption, lower top speed, and the speedo may then be out (not sure on this model).

    There are more gains to be had on 4cyl bikes as 2cyl bikes generally have enough pull low down in the first couple of gears (even 250's). I have geared my bike down in the past, as stock it will pull >100 km/h in 1st, but the small capacity makes it struggle to really launch. I travel 10k km's a year on it though, and can't live with a misreading speedo everyday.
  5. ok so i should probably leave it the same as the one that came off it, any brands i should be asking for, do they make any difference?
  6. I don't think it will matter too much what sort of sprockets you get, but pay the extra for a good o-ring or x-ring chain, it will last a lot longer (with proper care) than a chain without these. Be sure that the sprockets and chain are of the same pitch, this shouldn't be a worry if all is bought at the same place.
  7. How long are you keeping the ZZR for? Pretty much recon any new set of chains and sprockets will see you through your restriction period without any grief. If they are currently shagged, you will find a huge difference when it is replaced. Short term you won't see much difference between top and bottom quality chains.
  8. ok yeah got about 11months left on restrictions then hopefully time for a upgrade.... was just curious as it needs to be replaced and if i could get some more gains from the bike by buying a certain type then that was what i was going too do....
  9. As tempting as it might be..Keep the bike well maintained and serviced but resist spending money chasing additional performance out of the 250. You are better off saving your bikies for the huge performance upgrade that is a larger capacity bike.
  10. cool thanks for that

    just called bike mart and they have all parts in stock.... just a matter of getting over there now :(