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Need a new bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mexiwi, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. So my GSX650F which I crashed Saturday before last is a write off. Kinda sad, kinda happy.

    Now, what do I do?

    I am off restrictions on 12/1/15. Between now and then I am probably going to be away for work for a good 8 weeks in total, so I am thinking it's pointless getting another LAMS bike for a couple weeks worth of riding, downside, couple weeks of no riding :(

    So now seriously thinking of the what next. Those who know me know I am not a wee fella.

    Thoughts thus far are.....

    Speed Triple
    Z1000 maybe

    Of course can't test ride anything that big until Jan - :poop:
  2. My vote goes to the Z1000, I can highly recommend that bike as Soooooooo much fun. (Check out my rider report and photos on "Track Day 14 Sept 2014"). I tested the Speed Triple and the FZ1 when I was shopping for a new bike in 2012 and I much preferred to Z1000. I also tried the VF800 Crossrunner at that time. It was VFR but had the same motor and I didn't like it either.
  3. Sorry to hear about your 'loss', mexi......

    My basic advice is to examine what sort of riding you do, how often and where you do it, and make up your short list based on that. There's not much point getting a super touring bike if most of your ride is commuting.....
  4. Z1000 all the way. Wheelie machine.
  5. Happy to help out Mexi as test pilot - let me know if you're interested.
    Can even take you pillion if you want to get a feel for the bikes.

    You line up the demos and I'll arrive to flog them
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  6. I think u need an all-rounder... my vote from the above goes to the VFR.
  7. Like hornet said, it depends on your needs. If you want a hoon bike thats easy to ride and super fun you'll be hard pressed to go past a Zed.
    There is a reason why owners of these bikes wax lyrical about them, me included.
    If you want to tour you should look at other bikes like the VFR.
    Dont get me wrong though, you can tour on the z1000 but it has a small tank capacity and the gearing isnt particularly suited to sustained highway speeds.
    I would throw in the ninja 1000 as an option as well. I was close to buying one when i was shopping last year.
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  8. Z1000 does look good, and seems to have good ergos, but I would like to be able to tour as well, so will have to see, also pillion, depends if the boss decides she wants to tag along.
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  9. Avoid the Zed if your gonna pillion, the bloke i bought mine off sold it because his misses hated being on the back.
  10. The only way to have a pillion on the Zed is to get an Air Hawk seat cushion. And even that won't get you very far. Although the Ninja 1000 is much better for touring and a pillion and also has a 19 litre tank. Even then, it would be better to also get the Air Hawk Cushion.
  11. watch out for that insurance bill on the Z1000, I have a perfect driving history and I could not find a place below $1,500. I was dead set on getting one till I saw that.
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  12. Not sure where your getting your quotes from but I'm currently paying $560 per year for full comp (insure my ride) that i hooked up in April and I only got my full licence last November AND I lost my licence 3 years ago. Other quotes I got (QBE, Swann) were around the $700 mark.
    Everyone's situation is different so quote's will vary but that's a massive difference.
  13. Insurance for my Zed is $658 per year, been on full licnece since 1990 and a perfect driving record, also through insure my ride.
  14. My z1000 was a bargain to insure. I'm 42 just off my p's with a horrible driving record of something like 80 demerit points and 3 suspensions and Qbe charged me $400 a year for full comp
  15. I got my Quotes from Insure my Ride at $2,400, AAMI and QBE where a bit above them. Swann priced me at a little under $1,500. This was for a 2014 Z1000 SE, with me being aged at 26 and no claim history and no loss of license, with just under 5 years riding experience and being on my fulls. I found the insurance on this bike ridiculous compared to other bikes like the MT-09 which I got quoted for just under $800.
  16. :wideyed: Wow, 80 demerit points!!!
    Your a menace to society.

    Mate that is ridiculous, there would be no way in the world I would pay the much for insurance.
    Which reminds me, god I hate insurance companies, its one of my pet hates.
  17. Do insurers even ask for your points when quoting, its usually just suspensions in last five years.

    You need to test ride.
  19. Not for points, I was looking at buying a car recently before my motorbike senses kicked in and I thought better of it and QBE actually asked if I had received a fine in the last 12 months and actually increased my Quote, I was pretty pissed off because it was for not correctly displaying P plates. I was shocked that they would increase my insurance for something like that. but I have never been asked that for my motorcycle insurance.
  20. I tour on the Z; it's great and I have no issues with sustained highway speeds, but I agree that the tank could be bigger if you were going to tour regularly. Having said that, many of the people I ride with have bikes with similar economy, so it really doesn't concern me. Snowys Ride is coming - we turn a one day ride into a six day tour, and the Z does an awesome job - especially on those high country sweepers I love so much!

    Around the Dandenongs or Sth Gippy for the day it's shitloads of fun!!

    Pillion? Nope, not for the faint hearted or sensitive bummed. I pillioned @GreyBM@GreyBM around the Elwood car park when I was learning how to carry a pillion - I swear he didn't stop bitching the whole way around. Ninja thou is a better option for that.