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need a mouldable materail

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. hey i need a mouldable materail. that will perform like pp plastic or a rigid rubber.
    or does anyone know where i can get sheets of plastic.

    its to build a new air box and will have lots of other uses on my project bike.
    im handy with most of my tools and familar with plastic weldin

    suggestion on what to use and where i can get some needed

    I dont want to use carbon fibre or fiberglass as the process is too lenghty
  2. Fibreglass too lengthy, but moulding sheet is quicker??
    I;d go fibreglass, it's the quickest way to form complex shapes.
    Carve up your new airbox out of styrofoam, laminate some fibreglass onto the shape with EPOXY resin, let cure, drill a hole and pour in some acetone. Foam dissolves, presto, one airbox.
    Maybe an hour to laminate, and however long it takes to shape the foam.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. ill go with fiberglass if i have to. i just dont like the way it cracks. and breaks under fibrations.

    where do u get ur fiberglass and resin from. i got some lying around but not sure if the resin is rite. think it was from a car repair kit. i know places like bunning and supacheap sell these. Any idea where i can get large sheetof fiberglass mesh

    and how are u supposed to go about makin those dam mounts and fiddly bits for it. some small mesh and layer of resin then shape and sand (seems very lenghty)
  4. It's fairly easy once you have the mould made, just allow for these bits in the design. Trimmimg even complicated bits is easy with a dremel or similar.

    I'v been mucking around with fibreglass for while now, don't expect a great piece to start with (reinforcement in key areas, etc) but you'll soon get the hang of it. My next project is a fibreglass tank for the track bike.

    You can use any material for the mould (balsa, wood, fibreglass impression from the origianal airbox, etc), just make sure to coat it iberally in mould release agent.

    Fibreglass will be more than up to the job for an airbox, you won't have any vibration problems. It will snap (shatter) rather than weaken under load, which it won't experience in this application.
  5. fine ill keep fiberglass in mind but are there any alternatives out there
  6. google 'splinting material'.
  7. I have made an airbox out of ABS Plastic sheet (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). It is easy find, easy to work, and can be bonded with acetone. I can also be drilled much more cleanly than fiberglass. I'm not a great fan of fiberglass for any job on the engine side of a filter, it can easily shed particles of glass which you really don't want in your engine.
  8. bitumen??

  9. thank u my veiws exactly. i realy dont like the way fiberglass breaks. Sheetin seems cleaner and quicker. although it would be harder to make asthetic bits. I would be meltin it with a heat gun.
    i know abs is the same plastic as most bike fairings. Any ideas what type of places i could get some from. I talked to a wrecker he siaz therer used to be a place but its closed now.
    ill try perspex places

    splinting materail looks intresting, i guess u r refering to the stuff used on broken bones thats also waterproof. Iv touched seems very solid. and would be easy to mould, although a bit thick, thanks for the idea.
  10. What about some clear acrylic plastic like they use in most tech shops at high school? A clear airbox would be pretty tricked out for a project bike eh? Only thing is, it might be a little too brittle, I'm not sure what type you can get it in.
  11. i think u are refering to perspex, clear plastic that bendable. i dont know how u could go about bending it or making corner bits to glue/screw together at the joints. Although i could just use 90 degree metal corner planks at the joints. Good idea
  12. Just look up plastic materials supplier in the yellow pages for ABS, you can also get it in good model shops but in smaller size sheets. ABS can be molded fairly easily for simple shapes. e.g to mold an airbox lid,

    1. get a sheet of plywood and cut a hole the size of the lid,

    2. clamp a sheet of ABS to the plywood over the hole,

    3.make a wooden 'plug' that fits through the hole with a gap around the edges the thickness of the ABS sheet,

    4. heat the ABS sheet with a heat gun until it softens,

    5. push the ABS through the hole with the 'plug' until you have the shape you want

    You cannot make compound curves this way, but it should work for any part you are likely to need for an airbox. Stay away from Perspex, it doesn't bond well over small areas, is much harder to mold than ABS, is brittle, and is prone to cracking with vibration.
  13. thanks for that incatatus.
    I think with a bit of work i could even use it to make custom fairings.
    Just making the moulds would be harder than fiberglass.

    Maybe something like plaster or clay moulds and heat the plastic over the top (for more complex moulds)
  14. How about polyurethane, best described as inbetween plastic and rubber. You would have to make up a mould out of foam then poor acetone in to melt it out afterwards.
    I work for these guys at chipping norton http://rhinolinings.com.au/