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Need a mechanic - bike issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by xpy, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Hey guys..

    Looking for a new bike mechanic in Sydney, preferably somewhere around the northern beaches, if someone could recommend a good one id be very grateful...

    Reason i need a mechanic is for 2 reasons, first is bike is coming up to normal service time... But i also have the following issue...

    My bike is an '06 CBR600RR, and it is sounding rough and seems to vibrate the shit out of itself... the faster you go/higher up the revs, the faster the vibration becomes till it feels like its "buzzing" if that makes sense... lower down in the RPMs it feels more thumpy. It doesnt feel like the performance is lacking though.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what i could look for ? ... im going to pull the fairings off and try and find any loose bolts, but other than that im really not sure.

    Would be great to sort out this issue myself without having to pay someone extra above the normal service to go snooping around trying to find something wrong.
  2. Brian Connor at Brookvale has done work for me and others in the past with no complaints and specialises in Jap bikes

    He wont be the cheapest, but he'll explain everything to you

    Or you can try Harts at Manly Vale - they just did some work on my Duc and also good guys, and few Jap bikes in there too

    Let us know how you get on
  3. Sounds like it may only be something like a dudd-ish plug or partially clogged injectors. That'd cause the uneven feel of it at higher rpms.

    Being a 4-cyl it should be relatively smooth. I assume you have some riding experience under your belt and know that this isn't just 'normal' vibration. Check/change the plugs and if that doesn't fix it mention it to the mechanic at service time so he doesn't charge you for another set.

    Cheers - boingk
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, ill do a ring around tomorrow and decide on a mechanic.

    Ive been riding long enough to know something is a bit off... i just dont know enough mechanically to workout whats wrong with it on my own.

    I dont think its anything too major, but it has been getting worse, and its now at a point where its uncomfortable to ride because of the shaking.
  5. Anyone have an tips on removing the radiator on a 600RR ?

    I got stuck... couldnt get it off the hook.
  6. Based on past experience, I'd be checking the torque on the engine mounting bolts.

    Then again, based on previous experience of Hondas, I'd be chucking the whole bike in a skip and walking away thinking myself fortunate to escape :wink:.
  7. Cheers for the tip.. ill check the bolts.

    I have been told by heaps of people that Hondas are usually one of the most reliable bikes... im interested to know what happened to you that made you think otherwise ?

    In any case, i love my bike... even with its problems and cant myself getting rid of it anytime soon :D