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need a lift?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BruiserMadden, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. hey, i'm a private pilot studying for my commercial licence. in order to achieve that i need a further 80 hours of flying. thus i'm trying to get my hours up. I'm based on the mornington peninsula, near melbourne, victoria.

    If anyone is planning a getaway over summer to somewhere a bit less common and not serviced by major airlines in Victoria, NSW, SA or Tasmania, give us a call, and i can offer my services for free. Only cost will be that of plane hire.

    Have got a couple groups booked in for Flinders Island trips and 12 Apostle Day Trips.

    Can pick up from any aerodrome (except tullamarine). Currently endorsed on a 4 seater.

    If your interested PM me or reply to the thread.
  2. hey what a great idea

    good luck on acheiving your hard earned licence

  3. Wow cool, a pilot hmmm? :eek:
  4. Well how much is the average plane hire?

    And GL on getting it all done :)
  5. hehe always everyones first question. depends on what you want to do. ;)
  6. Yeah, how much to hire a plane?

    You could do mile-high club cruises. Woohoo!
  7. Give us some example deaparture/arrival combinations and estimated total costs. I honestly have no idea what kind of dollars were talkin so dunno if id be interested. :grin:
  8. What will it cost to take 4 lucky members that win a competition on a 30 minute joy flight around melbourne at night?
  9. Budget $180-240/hr depending on the plane, and whether it is wet hire.
    Then add aerodrome/airservices fees.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. nothing.

    but would probably only do 2 flights of 2. Flight is closer to an hour. Luckily I have night rating, btw it is a great flight, probably my favourite. :wink:

    lets say you and 2 friends wanted to go to flinders island to get a few crays and hang about. $200 pp return.
    you can just use google earth if you like to detirmine destinations etc.

    say you wanted to go up to echuca to camp on the banks of the murray with a few cold ones with a couple of mates. $70 each way.

    dont be afraid to just chuck out destinations, flying opens up a whole branch of possibilities of places to go.
  11. Cheers mate :)
  12. What are you flying??? I haven't seen ANY four seater that was less than $160/hr for ages..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. [​IMG]

    Its plane to see... :grin:

  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. right you are, it's a Beechcraft Sierra BE24, retractable undercarriage CSU, 4 pax, cruises about 130. I get it for about $180 an hour which is a cracker rate.
    although at the club they do have a 172 for about $150 i think but that particular one is pretty gutless.
  16. LUCKY you said for FREE bruiser or I'd be telling your CFI and CASA!!!

    Naughty naughty!! :p

    (CAR 2 Section 7 (d) i to viii. CAR 206. hehehe

    The beech might be gruntier than the 172 but the 172 is def better from a passenger perspective. Afterall, who wants to stare at the top of the wing flying over the Apostles? haha
  17. heh wouldnt dream of it. couldnt see myself charging for something thats just so much fun.

    of course, have plenty of planes to suit the flight type. Beechcraft more if you want to GO somewhere.
  18. That is a good rate. I did my CSU/retract in a BE 33 Debonair, I love Beechcrafts, beautifully made, nice to fly.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. I used to fly a little Cessna 172 and yeah, they are pretty gutless :LOL: still fun though :) Can't afford it these days, ah well...maybe one day when the kids are all grown up...
  20. can't wait to get a bonanza endorsement :LOL:

    172's are great dink planes but not really a true four seater. great sightseeing, not so great cruising.