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Need a lift from Melbourne to PI on MotoGP race day (Sunday)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by DVC, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Hey folks,

    I'm flying to Melbourne to go to the MotoGP again this year but my mate's buck's party which I don't want to miss is here in Adelaide on the Saturday so I'll have to fly to Vic at the last minute.

    The earliest I can arrive at Tullamarine is about 8am on Sunday the 14th and then I have to make my way to PI. I'll be too late for the coaches and the train from the city to Stony Point won't arrive in time for the latest ferry so I was wondering if anyone here is driving from Melbourne to PI on the Sunday and planned to set off at about 9am or later?

    I can make my way from the airport to meet up wherever and I'm happy to chip in some fuel money. I'm not asking for any favours or extra consideration (i.e. waiting for me). I'm just running out of options so figured I'd see if due to whatever circumstances someone else out there is having to arrive to the track late and had a spare seat in their car.

    Also there might be a simple way to get there I just hadn't though of so if any Victorians here have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

  2. might be a helicopter from essendon to the course.
    the track has its own control so helis can book in and land
  3. Best way to spend $700 :grin:
  4. cant worry about budget if you want speed and style :grin:
    and it will be less crowded than the bus or ferry
  5. Hah... honestly I HAVE thought about a helicopter. :)
  6. might be worth investigating.
    if a heli is going to the island for the joy rides they may do a deal as they will be going anyway.
  7. Re: Need a lift from Melbourne to PI on MotoGP race day (Sun

    Why not just hire the cheapest possible 2 door hatch car from one of the rental agencies and pick it up at the airport.

    That'd be the easiest way.
  8. Because - and I have no good reason for this - I don't have a car licence, just a bike licence.

    I know, I know... :oops:
  9. hire bike

    Try Garners Hire Bikes.
    They are the airport side of Melbourne (Peel St, North Melbourne)
    Do not know if they are open Sunday morning though, but worth a try.
    Otherwise, airport bus to Spencer St (Southern Cross) station, train to Cranbourne, V Line bus to Phillip Island, and by the time you get there the racing will be over!!
  10. I've decided to just fly to Melbourne as late as I can on the Saturday night, having already spent the best part of the day revelling with my mates and getting to PI bright and early on Sunday with no fuss.

    Thanks for the suggestions though, guys.