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Need a Lawyer! Help!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Doggy, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Ok heres the deal. I was working away (Gasfields) and my loving wife of 7.5 years decided that she just "needed" to have an affair and then keep having it even after I found out and drew a line in the sand.

    Anyway, We have agreed on parenting (me being primary caregiver) and Financial but need to make it legal. I don't have a lot of cash but don't qualify for legal aid either. Anyone a Lawyer who could help a bloke out with a fairly simple (so I hear) filing of orders etc?


    Father of two wonderful kids and a very well behaved 1250 Bandit ;-)
  2. sorry to hear about you're wife.

    wish u the best =]
  3. Yep, sucks to be me :cry: But I still have my kids :wink: and anyone on here who is a parent will know how much that means.
  4. There are some Lawyers on this forum, but you are probably best off looking in your capital city phone book.
  5. Mate, have a look at this website. I used it 8 yrs ago. Download the forms.
    Good luck.
  6. The Family Law system these days is set up to be very much "self help".
    As the link above shows, all the forms / explanation booklets etc regarding kids, are there to download.

    There are actually two ways it can be done.

    "By Consent". Which seems to be the case here. Both parties agree to the proposed residence, contact and special issues (if any) financial arrangements* and then they both sign the papers. "Orders" are then issued and thats the way it is from then on.
    The papers can then be lodged with the Federal Magistrates Court, and are processed. In a lot of cases no appearances (by you or a lawyer) are required and it's (realatively) cheap.

    "Contested" Both parties don't agree. In this case you lodge the papers but without her agreement / approval. The issue then goes to mediation (not court) and usually (not always) sense prevails. Any decisions made by the mediator are then turned into "Orders".

    * Financial arrangements these days are often done via CSA, a division of the Tax dept. It is better if they are not involved....

    Now, two things to bear in mind.
    (i) Property is a whole different issue, as is the actual divorce (if married).
    (ii) This is only an overview NOT legal advice. See a good solicitor if you have any questions about the law, the papers, etc.
  7. There should be a local legal help organisation in your area which gives advice for free, you can go in and talk over it with them. I believe they also i have services for court representations/paid services etc.
    Google it perhaps?