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Need a junked engine - where to find one?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ljiljan, May 10, 2013.

  1. I need to get my hands on a rooted speed triple engine, preferably without buying the whole bike and preferably without travelling interstate. By rooted I really do mean it. Don't care if the block has holes, conrods snapped in half, seized etc.
    Any ideas where I could pick one up from?

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  2. try Cash & Co wreckers at St Marys
    Chickibabe (Lou) used to work there, they've got heaps of stuff
  3. sounds interesting... mind sharing what you're up to?
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  4. a triangular coffee table?
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  5. Depends on how patient you are, after all this is netrider and someone is bound to crash a speed triple sooner or later.
  6. i saw a crashed 2013 model on ebay the other day... one of those crowds that sells broken bikes that can or can't be registered for the road.
  7. Fraud.
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  8. Problem is not enough people have speed triples. And crashing is no guarantee of ending the engine.
  9. Adrenalin Performance Bikes down here might have something, otherwise, find someone you don't like with a ST & take their oil when they're not looking.
  10. Trying to get part weights and dimensions.
  11. Wrecked bikes being auctioned of by insurance companies? Email one and ask where/how they get rid of them?
  12. cool.... but i liked the first reason more ;-)
  13. The reverse for me. I'm not interested in someone's attempts to fudge an engine number, but a possible engine conversion or vehicle construction project using a triple engine? That I like.
    Apologies for bumping without actually supplying any useful info;)