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Need A Hand Getting My Bike Rideable Again

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by JustCruisin, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Hi there,

    A few weeks ago, I was coming back from Hill End with a group of Motorcyclists & I fell off the bike at 100km/h. Unfortunately at the time, I had no roadside assistance or insurance, so I copped hefty towing fees out of pocket as it was a Sunday. Now It's been over two weeks since that incident & I haven't been riding since as I was gathering parts for my Motorcycle.

    I'm replacing the parts on my Motorcycle & I'm wondering if anyone with free time & not doing anything on a weekend would like to come give me a hand (preferrably someone who knows motorcycle mechanics). I can do most the hard work. I just need you to make sure I'm installing correctly eg. throttle cables & other stuff. My bike is a Honda VT400 & I'm a Learner rider that has only been riding for a month & a half now. I think it should only take about 1-2 hours of your time. Happy to buy you a case of beer & lunch if you wish. If anyone is interested, please let me know on your availability. I live in Rydalmere, 2116.


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  2. I can't get to you, but I can give you few tips.

    Pay attention to the threads on the mirrors. It's not unusual for the left one to have a left hand thread and the right one to have a right hand thread. Pay attention when you pull them off.
    Also, pay attention where you route your cables for the controls and throttle etc. Sometimes they're only just long enough to reach when everything is run the right way and too short if you do it differently. The same with any wiring inside the headlight shell. Mark the connectors so you know what goes back where. You could also use your mobile phone to take pictures of where things go before you pull them apart so you can see how they're supposed to be.
    I'm afraid I can't help you with that jigsaw puzzle piece on the ground. That looks hard.
  3. HAHAHAHHA!!! that was a funny one. Jigsaw puzzle. I'm fine with most the stuff, but would still like someone to come give me a hand. There's more parts coming in this week for me. The stuff on the ground is only some of the things.
  4. Well, I ain't no mechanical guru, but I have done some work on motorcycles over the years.

    I live in Beecroft, 2119, so not a million miles away from you, but my wife hasn't told me yet what I am doing this coming weekend.
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  5. Well if you know later on you'll be free, let me know.
  6. Will do....
  7. Kissing the blacktop at 100km. Mate, I am glad you got out of it relatively uninjured.
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  8. Me too. Thank you Alpinestars GP Plus Air Jacket. You helped me get away with just a minor scratch on my right elbow.
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  9. Still looking for someone who has free time to give me a hand. Case of Beer for you & Lunch is optional.
  10. I thought CrazyCamCrazyCam had offered?
  11. He's not sure yet, so he'll let me know later during the week.
  12. Latest.... looks like I could do a couple of hours on Sunday morning.

    Would that be any good to you, JustCruisin?
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  13. You're a great bloke CrazyCamCrazyCam :) Worth your weight in platinum :cat:
    Lucky you JustCruisinJustCruisin no injuries to you and the bike wizard, Uncle Cam, to magic your bike back together again!
  14. Hold it a mo..... I thought I was the expert in sarcasm.
  15. #15 Oldmaid, Mar 25, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2015
    Huh??? CrazyCamCrazyCam shit no sarcasm what so ever intended!!!!!! Good on you for helping......geeze. :(
    I've greatly appreciated your help in the past and you've helped heaps of people on here............
  16. That would be great. I'll send you a private message with my details.
  17. Cam. Can you start a conversation with me so I can send you my details in private? I'm unable to.
  18. I'm sorry my dear...... it was just that I know my own limitations.

    Yes, I am happy to try and help new riders wrt getting licences, 'cos I used to have a licence as a riding instructor, and vaguely feel I know what I am doing.

    Bike mechanicing..... I know the very basics, but know when to give the bike (and cash) to a REAL expert.

    Swapping bent bits and handlebars....yeah, I can do that..... it ain't rocket science.

    Again, sorry if I was too precious.

  19. You shouldn't have any limitation on sending a PM to CAM. Click on his Avatar then on the text in the middle "Start a Conversation"
  20. Thanks. Now I know. Please remove this thread.