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Need a good fairing repairer...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by DRMAT, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Can anyone personally recommend a good bike repairer in Melb (preferably SE like Clayton/ Moorabbin). I need some quotes and subsequent work done to respray 1 small area of one fairing, possibly the tank and either repair or replace the other fairing as it has deep scratches in it (no cracks). Need this ASAP.

    EDIT: And no i didn't drop it... someone backed into it while it was parked and knocked it over



  2. You could give the guys at The Drop Shop a call PH: 03 9764 1861, they are at fact 3/34 rushdale St, Knoxfield...they specialise in bike repairs and painting they do all our fibreglass prep and paint at work and the quality is top notch :)
  3. DRMAT...say it isn't so ....ya didn't drop that beautiful black GT250R... :shock:
  4. IT doesn't look like it's worth repairing, but all the same, there's Pete Boss on 0412043134. Highly recommended.
  5. Custom bike repairs.. Factory 2, 114 Hammond Rd Dandenong 9791 7477.

    They do excellent work..
  6. Though it's not in your ideal target zone, "Melbourne Fairing Repairs" in Spotswood, are the ducks guts when it comes to fixing up panels. [Look them up in the book if you want them]

    Rod's runs the place. He's a top bloke and a motorcyclist and a pilot to boot... can't go wrong!
  7. black nicko pen :)
  8. Thanks guys... i'll get onto it tomorrow.

    Loz: Its always worth repairing, partly because i'm not the one paying for it but mainly because i am anal about the condition of my bike and my car... i would slowly go insane with these marks left there.

    Hopper: Not me mate... someone gave it a hand... or rather a rear bumper! Patient of mine backed his car into it and knocked it over.
  9. +1 on that.
    Being that he's helping to repair my bike an' all. :p

    The damage doesn't look extensive at all, seems to be all superficial. (ie no cracks. Might want to take it off to check tho'.)
    Just my opinion, but it prolly just needs a touch-up or or respray... and I think most paint places can do that....
  10. It isn't cracked at all as far as i can see... and the tank and the side the bumper hit wll be pretty easy to fix but the scratches on side that hit the ground are gouged into the plastic. I don't know what they do with plastic fairings on bikes but if a car bumper had gouges like this they replace it as its unrepairable.

    Where abouts it Pete Boss?

    Robsalvv: Do you mean Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings
    Unit14/ 59 Hudson Rd Spotswood 3015

    I can't find the place you mentioned?
  11. Pete @ Boss Cycles is at Montrose, just off Canterbury Road in Montrose,
    Give him a call. I fully reccomend him.
    After all, he's gonna give me my bike back tommorrow. :p
  12. Hmmm... well i've got 3 quotes.... $814, $1240 and $1350!!
    I find those numebrs staggering given you can order full painted and stickered replacement fairings for $220 a side. Then its just fitting and repainting the tank. Ahhh well in insurance hands now.
  13. Quick update.... after a lot of stuffing around by the insurance company (the guy who hit me's company not mine) i settled on Custom Bike Repairs in Dandenong. John there has been very helpful so far and i dropped the bike off last Wed, will post thoughts when i pick it up hopefully around the 8th or so.
  14. I still think you're a goose for repairing it at all.

    You're just tempting fate.
  15. Once again i'm not the one paying for it. His insurance company isn't going to just give me a cheque for the cost of repairs. It was assessed, approved and now being repaired. The only other option would be to let it go entirely then i end up with a scratched up bike and no money to fix it.... nor should i have to for someone elses stuff up. Sure if i had dropped it i might consider leaving it.
  16. Finally got my bike back after just over a month (mainly due to insurance company stuffing around, partly from xmas) and i have to say that i can't recommend John from Custom Bike repairs highly enough. Looked after me every step of the way, kept me up to date with what was happening and went above and beyond the call of duty in terms of service. Highly recommend him to anyone.

  17. its usually not the repairs, its the respray that kills your pocket.