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Need a fresh air suplly mask, making my own

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by crutch, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Anyways i need a fresh air suply mask to spray 2 pk paints. As i dont rely on flimsy half face ones and acrylic paints are a pain in the arse.

    I was thinking of modifying a scuba mask to accept a hose from an compressor.

    Or modifing an existing half mask to acept an air supply and cover up the rest of my face with something else.

    Could use a cheap regulatorr to keep the air flowing.

    Any other Ideas BTW i need to do this on the cheap, As i cant afford the 1.8thousand system that i am supposed to get.

    And i need to know where i can get a full face mask (airtight) on the cheap.
    even though of modifying an helmet with an air supply
  2. A guy in West Melb @ a shop called Roadrocket imports & distributes the Respro brand of face masks from the UK.
    They are also available from bicycle shops in the CBD in Melbourne like Cecil Walker. If you are intersate then give the guy up the top a call or email (google him) and see who sells them in your state, they are quite affordable.
    They come in varying grades for different applications and have replaceable filters.
    I have one of the full spec ones as I use it in Asbestos rich environments from time to time whilst doing some urban exploration. I also use it when applying that nasty acrylic sealing laquer to concrete flooring, without it I would see pink elephants from the fumes.. ;)
    I hope this helps.

  3. Well do you know a friend who goes diving? if so he is bound to have an old reg floating around and most dive shops can fit extended hoses for $40-60 depending on length. You will probably need 4- 5m for good travel.

    each tank is good for about an hour at 30M+ so you should be able to spray till your hearts content on $8 of air. Since you above sea level the impacts on your body will be next to non existant. Just cool dry air.
  4. Be sure and cover all your exposed skin too.
    Also be aware that air from an air compressor will need a special filter to remove the oil from it, although it sounds you might be going the compressed scuba air route.
    I've sprayed a bit of 2k in my life as a hobby, and I just use the super expensive, hyper activated chracoal/hazmat respirators. eh filters are shagged after one use, but they work.

    Regards, Andrew.