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Need a canoe ...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Fractalz, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. ... well I will if it keeps raining like it has been :grin:... although the rain has led me to some interesting reading in these pages so here I am.

    I am from the Gold Coast where it is, according to the advertising, supposed to be sunny one day and awesome the next ... lies I tell ya !!!

    I have been riding a fair few years so not a noob ... but always willing to learn.

  2. Nice to meet you :)
    Welcome to the forums

    btw, when i saw the title I was reminded of this...

  3. Well, it's pouring on the coast around Sydney too
  4. Beautiful sunny day in Melbourne today.

    Just say'n
  5. Indeed it was, had a great ride out to the VMC meeting and it was all good on the way home as well till I zigged instead of zagged of the ring road and got totally lost.....

    Anyway I digress welcome to NR, hope the weather improves for you.

    Cheers, Jeremy
  6. You didn't do a tour of duty at jcu by any chance fractal with a z?
  7. No sorry ... never been there
  8. Welcome :)

    I disappointed to find that nobody has taken the time to welcome you in our time honoured fashion, so please allow me...

    ...are you hot?
  9. And it took 4 months!
    That's shameful.
  10. Thanks for your welcome.

    and no ... I'm not hot .. the aircon is on :D
  11. You're welcome

    I live in Victoria, what the hell is an aircon?