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Need a Bush Turkey?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CrazyCam, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. If you perchance have a requirement, or desire, to have a small bush turkey, we have a spare one that has moved into our back yard.

    It is only available for collection.....i.e. YOU have to catch it.

    It's in Beecroft, NSW.

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  2. Need pic pls....
  3. You get the barbie going I'll be there with the shottie shortly and we'll have it for tea. I'll bring the drinks.
  4. Haha, we had one living in our complex for about 2 months. He made several attempts at moving the mulch around several of the townhouse gardens. We've also seen one when riding to The Old Road Cafe along the Old Pacific Highway scattering mulch all across the road!

  5. This was originally posted in "Free TO a GOOD HOME" so the shottie wasn't quite what I had in mind.

    However, a few minutes ago, I saw the beastie eating some of our home grown strawberries, so maybe the shottie IS the right answer after all.

    (Och, the pain of living in a wild life sanctuary....)
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  6. Chiq chiq.

  7. Oh he'll be gone by Feb
    re the strawberries if they can't see over a small barrier they'll leave them alone
    The males build the mounds to attract the females to mate and then lay eggs.
    They scratch and mix the mulch to keep the temperature at 33c exactly hence the daily ferriting around.
    The male uses their beak to monitor the temperature
    Up to 10 females may lay.
    After Feb think of the free lovely ready composted mulch :)
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  8. Oldmaid Attenborough:):chicken:
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  9. Think yourself lucky you only have a turkey. I was savagely attached by a killer peacock at St Albans pub today. Bastard bird started with a peck then flew in my face and jagged me in the cheek with it's spur.

    My male super model days are over I fear. Killer Peacock.JPG
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  10. Wouldn't waste your time, nothing edible on them...even the fox's avoid them
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  11. don't think he was going to eat it
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  12. Place bush turkey in large pot of boiling water with a house brick, boil for several hours till brick is soft, discard the water and turkey then eat the brick.
    Enjoy :)
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  13. We've got one at our place. I gave up and we learned to live together.
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  14. I had a college who had one in his backyard in Honsby Heights. He used to regail us on a dailey basis about his running battle with it and how it basically ans sytematically ruined his entire well manicured backyard.

    I'm in two minds about whether to tell you his final solution, or to just sit back and be entertained as this simple minded bird gets the better of you.
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  15. I'm at Patonga Beach in a brand new town house(just finished last Sat.) Just renting by the way. With manicured gardens. I came out yesterday ant the mulch was all over the driveway. Naturally I yelled at the kids,till one of them showed me a photo of a bush turkey scratching the stuff all over the place. This one is full size so yours has a bit of growing to do. At least ours lives in the bush over the road.
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  16. I am no fan of them in general as they totally lack road sense and do not demonstrate a skerrick of fear of motorbikes, abusive language or blasts of the horn! My come to jesus 'with a bush turkey tucked under my armpit' moment occurs without fail on the road out to west head!
    But they are amazing- to think they have evolved to shit off every single urban gardener, generally in increasing proportion to the degree of anal manicuring of said garden.
    They really do only do the mound thing between Nov and Feb, and are really do spread or build their mounds to keep the temp a steady 33 and to attract the girls.
    Give em a break.
    Don't tell me what they did to them...they are actually a protected species along with the ibis.
  17. Oh, he didn't harm the bird. I don't think he would be inclined to do it anyway, but yes, they are protected.
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  18. Just putting it out there, one of the RSPCA approved methods of deturring them
    is using an IR triggered sprinkler. We had an issue with them a few years ago,
    5 years maybe, 3 days with the sprinkler and no more issues. Still see them skirting
    our place in the neighbours yards to this day.
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