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Need a Bikkee

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Monstarr, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. hey dudes.. ive been looking at a lot of different bikes.. im doing my pre-Ls test next week..

    i just wanted some opinions on bikes.. because my mates and i are debating with each other which is better..

    so choice is .. Ninja 650RL.. Hyosung GT650EFI.. or a CBR.. which for one would be better after delimitiing.. and better for the Ls and Ps?

  2. better resale value and easier to sell if you dont derestrict it later

    always L platers like you will be looking for lams bikes 2nd hand
  3. but what about the power.. if it is comfortable.. i may just keep it till it dies lol
  4. just get a supermoto.

    hyosung etc have crap suspension and brakes.
  5. My favorite bikkee

  6. Lol touché
  7. Yeah, my advice would be to buy a relatively cheap second-hand bike for your Ls and Ps and then upgrade to the bike you really want: even if it's just an unrestricted 650.

    Ninja 650 RL are around for about 9 grand these days, but in some ways something like the GS500f (of which there are about 90 on Bikesales) starting at 4 grand would be a much smarter choice.
  8. Probably Ninja, but their maneuverability is still questionable, if you're going to use that for pre-P riding test. Not Hyosung for quality issues. CBR250 is the least maneuverable of the three. If I were you, I would probably choose CB400, more maneuverable, plus awesomeness without those fairings, but they can be pricey, depends on your budget. Good luck with your search.
  9. If he likes the CB400 but price is an issue, then how about a Suzuki GS500?
  10. Negatory, they have high, wide bars with lots of leverage - would be great for the slow stuff in the test. But you seem to be limiting yourself to only a few options, theres alot more lams bikes than those.

    Don't get the hyosung, not worth the potential headache.