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Need a 2010 GT Hyosung for a fender eliminator fitment.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ResArt, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Hi if any one has a 2010 Hyosung GT for a Test fender eliminator fitment they can give me a call on o422 700 701 so I can try it on this weekend.
    You will get a free eliminator for your troubles.
    Coburg area.


  2. why the fook would i want to lend you my bike, so you can hack it up, obviously you're unsure about how good it looks, mightn't i be the same?

    why dont you just do it on your own bike?

    also, wrong forum, this'll get deleted pretty quick :p
  3. Chill out Nibor, Resart are a professional parts manufacturing company
    who make fender eliminators for hundreds of bikes. He's not
    going to cut the bike up, just measure it so as he can design a product
    you might want to buy. And then give you a free one.

    If I had a 2010 Hyo GT I'd be at his shop already saying GIMME! :LOL:

    But yes can a mod move this to Parts+Accessories or somethin please?
  4. Bit harsh aren't we Nibs eh ? lol

    Mind you this guy is a business so be a little fair, he is offering a "free" one to the person who loans their bike to him. As a matter of fact i'll be getting a free one from him too, just as soon as I do all his legwork and figure out if a later model unit fits an earlier model unit. You know what i'm talking about dontcha ResArt yeah ? The customer service part where you take pot shots at those of us that make email enquiries and don't have a clue what all YOUR stuff is supposed to fit.

    Yup that's us Nib's .... the same people he asks for free bikes to fabricate from .... are the ones he reckons are a pain in the butt cos we don't know if a product he makes will fit our bikes.

    Good luck with that :LOL:
  5. He has also had posts removed for posting them in the wrong section and is in danger of being banned as he is spamming the forums.
  6. im chilled, i just like a colourful vocabulary :grin: