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need 4 core 12 volt wire

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Takamii, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Looking for some 4 core 12 volt wire in black waterproof sheathing

    wire colours wanted are red,blue,green and either white or black

    also trying to find 5050 led strip crimp on connectors of the like

    any one point me in the right direction ?

    its for wiring up the r1 into tron bike

  2. most car parts places will sell multicore for trailers. might be 7 core or similar, so you might have a few redundant wires.
  3. I think I've seen 5-core for trailers, which would give you fewer redundant wires. 'Twas a long time ago though, so everybody might be using 7-core now.

    Alternatively, if all it'll be doing is running LEDs, have you considered flat ribbon cable type stuff? Should be available from places like Jaycar and Altronics.
  4. good Idea pat
  5. There's a John R Turk in Fyshwick
  6. Ditto on the trailer wire, and it comes pre wrapped too.

    For more unusual car or bike wiring needs, I found a place called 'Rhode Island wiring service (inc)'


    Good for old style cloth covered wire in single and multi strand, and they have nice black cloth wire with white detail stitching.

    Probably not the look you want - but hey?
  7. Can't find the exact colour combination you want. Element 14 is a good place to start, you will do better on price if you want to order large amounts their business model is high stock small amounts quick delivery. You can probably find the LED crimps there as well.


    This is Red Blue Green and Yellow, they have over 1600 different cables in their range so you may be able to find what you want.
  8. 5 core trailer wire $3.00/m @ Supercheap............