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Ned's Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

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  1. Ned submitted a new showcase item:

    Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

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  2. Congrats Ned, Awesome.
  3. Looks like a great new ride Ned.
  4. Cheers, thanks guys. Stepping off the 650 the Tiger initially felt massive but is surprisingly nimble and well balanced, hiding its weight well. It's my first triple, smooth as silk cruising at 100 at 3500rpm and oodles of grunt on tap.
  5. Well done Ned , can't wait to see it . Is it the wire wheel version or the regular one ? ( can't see the pics for some reason from tapatalk )
  6. That's a serious looking bike, Ned.

    Enjoy :D
  7. Why did you get such a little one Ned?
  8. Yep, it's the wire wheel one GoldNine and sure is a serious piece of kit. Anything smaller Cam and it'd struggle to haul my heavy self around so might as well go all-out!! Has panniers and top box too, even cruise control, will add more photos later.

    Sure will be seeing the High Country from a different angle.
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  9. Lol, I only just noticed this thread, awesome mate, congrats, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh..
  10. So Jealous
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  11. Looks like some dirt roads are calling you Ned!
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  12. Mmm, The Barry Way has been on the to-do list for a while, amongst others.
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  13. Oh hell yeah, the Barry Way is awesome... Plenty of nice dirt sections not far from melbs too.. although you probably know some of these already!
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  14. Ned updated Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

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  15. Awesome bike. That front fairing looks like a Transformer! :)
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  16. Just bought a Triumph 1200 Tiger Explorer, First bike in twenty years.... Love it had it a little over 5weeks commute to work from the blue mountains to liverpool, had two trips with the Pillion one out to Orange great fun, and the second took a run up to Port Macquarie, I had a ball and the Pillion did too, when we go out now its wheres the keys to the Triumph rather than lets take the Hyundai...
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  17. Good to hear!

    Go introduce yourself in the welcome lounge. :)
  18. Nice bike, Ned. Well done. Enjoy Tasmania.
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  19. Indeed he (we) did !!
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  20. @DWKRP@DWKRP Congrats, the pillion seat is a doozy, would have to be the best one I've seen in a long time, can't imagine anyone getting a sore bum on that! Plenty of hauling power, even 2 up, enjoy your new ride.

    Thanks. Tassie done and dusted until next year, opening post updated too(y)
    Still thinking about how good it was, hey GoldNine?? Will you be keen to go again?