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Ned's Tiger Explorer 1200

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  1. What a great counterpoint to your MV Agusta. There's that limitation with sports tourers of "just how far down a dirt road is this bike suitable to ride?". It looks like, with the $4,500 saving, you've kitted it out perfectly for touring. It'll be at home on the 2017 Tasmanian tour.
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  2. What happened to the MV ?? Nice Bike btw.
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  3. Thanks XJ6NXJ6N, I spent a bit on the extras to get it set up the way I wanted it, I also have a roll bag to go on the passenger seat too if needed. It sure is going to love those fast open sweepers at Tassie but ground clearance will be an issue, reminding me it's not a sportsbike.

    Tiger is a stablemate for the MV GoozaGooza, see you on a ride soon.
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  4. I've bike napped it :p i just need a ladder to get on and off at the lights.

    Hope to see you at the november Bright trip GoozaGooza ..may be ill whip up some breakky again like last time :D
  5. Awesome bike and awesome photos - enjoy.
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  6. Thanks BitSarBitSar, more rides are planned for the near future so I will be able to get some more scenery shots, and some action shots too if I can con BeeBee into bringing the big camera, (I know she's going to tell me I have to carry it then:LOL:)