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NEDs Jeans

Discussion in 'Pants' at netrider.net.au started by Hardhat, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Try NEDS jeans, like you guys I have had my fill of overpriced and under performing "quality" bike jeans. After seeing how easily they are damaged, and falling apart under light use I wont wear Hornee jeans again.

    I bought my first pair last week from NEDS and they fit properly while having the kevlar mixed in with the denim. There are no patches and they are lighter than the "sown in" patch type.

    I bothered to visit the manufacturer as she was in Brisbane and she showed me the actual drag test pair ... I am sold, even though they are $50 cheaper the quality stands out.

    The manufacture is a garment industry professional who knows about cut and stitching, she has a range for women that are a different cut as well.

    From some one who is sick of paying good money for ****
  2. Got a website link?
  3. http://nedswear.com.au/

    I've heard good things about them from a couple of people now, I reckon I'll be buying a pair or two.
  4. My wife and I each purchased a set of Draggins' jeans a couple of years ago. She won't wear hers anymore because the fit is not much chop for a woman, they faded so badly, and are so uncomfortable due to the abrasive kevlar lining. Mine fitted okay, but faded too; it is that they are so thick and heavy that they are so bloody hot for Qld.

    A few months back we purchased Neds jeans made from the single layer kevlar/denim and we are both much happier. My wife is particularly pleased as the cut is made specially for "real" women. Their gear is excellent.
  5. Draggin jeans are IMO the pick of the "bike" jeans. Yep they are thicker and hotter but you buy them for slide resistance etc not comfort. But I guess if I lived in QLD I may get sick of "hot" pants, except the Kylie kind of course.
  6. Jeez hardhat, that sounds like an early morning infomercial.

    Haha nah I'll probly give them a go at some stage.
  7. Why are the pockets in Draggin's so woefully shallow?

    I don't trust them to keep my wallet and phone secure.
  8. Morbo28, yes seems if I introduce 496 people to the jeans I will get a pair free ($200 postage) Just a not on the performance so far worn them every ride including the infamous Heat (38deg) & Hail ride out to Kilcoy a few weeks ago, other than stretching and being even more comfortable they are great. The cut on the first batch is short by 50 mm and the gusset length could be longer (50mm for me), however talking to the supplier the next batch will be all 50 mm longer in the leg. Drag tests match the Draggins by my reading of the sample.

    Now off for my free steak knives.
  9. Can you velcro any armour in there?
  10. which type did your wife get John_M?
    the Iconic or Ironhorse?
  11. HOw well do these Neds hold up when you have to test them on the pavement?
  12. Hi Guys. I'm new to this forum, but not to motorcycling. Some interesting comments on these Neds jeans. I picked up a pair while on the road recently. As for some of the comments, I asked the lady, Andrea, about armour, and yes you can put it in. If you ring her she can tell you. I think their office number is 07 3806 2449. The pockets are deeper, and looking at the different units on the market I believe that they will hold up under pressure even better, because as she said to me, they triple stitch their seams, and use the highest quality kevlar and denim. Just cause one is thicker doesn't mean they are better. They have to be seen and worn to be believed would be my comment.
  13. Call me a skeptic....
    TRem, hardhat , John-M...Fess up you lot all work for Neds dont ya lol

    You are all new here and this is the first and only thread you have contributed to?
    Trem even knows the contact name n number..Oh and stitch count at the seams :rofl:
  14. yep i agree....TRem in particular definatelty sounds like an employee of NEDS....first post on NR is in this thread spruiking NEDS jeans and giving a lot of unsolicited info on the product/company.
    not that I care really if they are employees, i will still take a look at the jeans becasue they sound pretty good.....but i think if they want to advertise their jeans on NR then do it through the correct channels not but creating a thinly disguised thread about the jeans.
    i could be wrong though....I often am, just ask me fiancee :LOL:
  15. Disclaimer- A denial of any connection with Neds Jeans, employees or owners of this company either physical or relational and! I have only received my free steak knives so far however looking forward to my free window cleaning kit.

    Hold up against pavement? If you show up at their house (small Aussie enterprise) they have a sample of the 3 rub tests, I believe they survived the 4 second test, however don't quote me on that, have a look yourself.
  16. My name is John Meara (no hiding). I am not new here; been lurking this forum for a long time. I seem to recall posting ages ago but maybe those topics are closed now? Anyway I care about motorcycle safety and do not lie or bullshit when I post on any forum.

    I am no expert on the ability of any of these products to withstand a bad fall and don't claim to be. Neither do I believe the marketing stunts and crap that is dished up to us 27x7 through all media, preferring to check things out myself (not that I'd purposely drop the bike to self-test the jeans :wink:.) My wife and I are not employees of Neds and the usual disclaimer (no deals or kickbacks). My post and our experience with Neds and Draggins stands exactly as I wrote it.

    It would be nice to see all these protective clothing products, particularly the Kevlar jeans manufacturers (6?), have their gear undergo something like the Euro Standards tests so we consumers could compare apples with apples. This would help the good ones gain some significant credibility that would certainly be worth marketing.
  17. John_M John_M is
    Registered User

    Join Date: Feb 2007
    Location: Australia
    Posts: 2

    Definitely doesn't look like a new member to me.

    Yeah an universal standards test would be really helpful when buying protective clothing, like the CE certified armor. Would give the NEDs a try.
  18. Almost 3 years and only 2 posts? and both of them in this thread? lol
    You are a man of few words them John
  19. don't the women love men who don't speak much?? :p
  20. damn theyre ugly. its a shame. another set of hornees for me