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Ned's High Country Trip Nov 2013

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Garido, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. For all those interested, I've been putting some video together to capture what was an amazing 5 days riding. Due to the large amount of raw materials, I have broken it up in day by day clips. Here's the first one - with more to come.:D

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  2. Fargin lunatics, the lot of ya's
  3. Here's the second instalment of our awesome trip into the High Country and Snowy Mountains:

  4. Great job again Gerrit! You're becoming quite good at this editing caper, only 3 more days to go and whenever I see it I want to go back (might be sooner than I thought)

    Looking forward to the next 3 (pressure's on:D )
  5. Hey Brad,

    If you're planning another one to some of Australia's beaut spots in November, I'm in!!!
  6. Grouse work there, Garido, Looking forward to the next installment, Hahaha
  7. ^
  8. Good work Gerrit, great to re live the ride. We don't have to wait till November to do it again, why not October:) bring it on!
  9. Already some interest to go again, that's great to see(y) Even before this trip went ahead I was planning the next, a 4 dayer, perhaps leaving out Tumut but doing some roads we haven't done yet. Some roads that I know you'll enjoy. Late november is a possibility, october probably a bit too early weather-wise Fred. But I don't think I can wait that long:D If I had a choice, I would go late march and perhaps include a weekend. Thoughts?
  10. Sounds good to me, lets discuss further following tassie ride. I have heaps of leave and my wife doesn't. Bummer :LOL:
  11. Nice,what the surface like on the Imlay Rd these days,we gave it a miss in Nov as it was shocking the year before.Big longitudinal ridges pushed up by the timber jinkers.Usually its a favourite,but not on that earlier run.
  12. Brad, I'm currently on leave for 3 weeks, while my brother is over from Germany. We've been down the GOR yesterday and will do a 3 day ride up to Bright next week. Don't think I can afford any more leave that early (and Rose wouldn't be happy with me either).
    I might have to wait to the end of the year again. Would prefer another 5 dayer (or even 6?). Any roads you feel worthwhile going on mate! :cool:
  13. Wasn't bad at all last Nov Zim. We got some reasonable speeds along there, without any dramas. The only thing we had to watch out for were a couple of young boars. :eek:
  14. Hi Zim,
    I last did it in november and it hadn't changed, still crap especially west to east, and I mean some nasty stuff that'd bring you down should you hit it wrong, it should be done east to west if you can structure your trip that way. Although there are still some patchy, broken up sections that way, shadows (and baby boars:shock: ) too.

    Mmm, 6 days? If there's some interest I will work on a route and happy to take suggestions. Maybe Omeo Hwy through Mitta Mitta to Tallangatta will be all sealed by then, however, I'd be happy to do what's left of any gravel to enjoy the twisties:sneaky: Same goes for Bonang. Mt Darragh is on the list and perhaps The Snowy River Way. As well as the favourites.


  15. Definitely interested! Given I don't know the area very well (last Nov trip was my first in that area), happy to rely on your suggestions. (y)
  16. yah I'm up for it
  17. Awesome! At this stage we could pencil in late november:D Perhaps the snow season would be over by then:rolleyes:
  18. Hi All,

    This video covers our round trip (figure 8 trip - really) from Jindabyne to Adaminaby, Tumbarrumba, Tumut, Khancoban, Thredbo back to Jindabyne.


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  19. Another great example of your work Gerrit, thanks again. Although hot off the Ship from Tassie, I'm still keen to head back into the High Country for some more action, looking forward to your next instalment:finger:
  20. magic work gerrit, thanks very much for the vid, top ride,