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Ned Kelly was a gentleman: outrageous parts and servicing pricing.

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by hornet, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Self-explanatory, really. Here's a start...

    image. This tiny panel, smaller than five inches across, supports the tail light on the '95 VFR-750. Because of this, it's very prone to breaking through the middle. I've repaired mine twice in four years, using strips of aluminum and Araldite, but today I thought, "I'll buy a new one..."

    "$286.40", the nice man at the Honda shop said.

    So it's back to aluminum and Araldite when it breaks again, as I'm sure it will...

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  2. they have to fund the motogp campaign somehow......
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  3. Was his name Turpin ?

    Find a friendly Moulder / fibreglasser to make a mould off it and produce you some spares.
    Probably finish up at $100 for 3 or 4.
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  4. Exactly the plan, thanks for confirming it...
  5. You bought a honda....someone, somehow, somewhere has to pay for the complimentary beige cardigans they give away when they make a new vehicle sale
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  6. And it'll probably be stronger and less prone to cracking than buying OEM. ;)
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  7. Hi Hornet, can you post up your results? I need a replacement front mud guard because I scratched up the current one re-installing my stylish GP stripe (reflective white tape).
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  8. find a wreckers - you could probably pick up half a dozen for $286 and they wouldn't need a respray

    the price for parts is bs. HD parts start at $100
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  9. alloy bracket to support weight and take any stress off the part to reduce vibration failures.

    is it fibreglass or ABS?

    if ABS, you can reinforce it by plastic welding a bunch of ABS onto the back of it..
    if fibreglass, proper reinforcing with glass matting (or Chux superwipes :p ) will help..

    ie, remanufacture it to a proper standard..
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  10. Hmmm, now that I like.
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  11. agree, it's a ripper (or maybe more correctly a non-ripper) of a suggestion
  12. Brother tells me has has a speedway mate who can manufacture a replica part in carbon-fibre!!!!!!
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  13. in all seriousness, the superwipes are strong, moldable in 3D, and good for mild reinforcement. have used them a few times for even things like radiator tank repairs!
    not as good as drapable fibre of carbon, but easily available ;) better than araldite alone.

    Hornet, even if CF, design out the defect/overloading at the start. no point just making the part stronger
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  14. Honda don't know what they're doing. See, if it was Ducati, the part would cost twice that and you would only be able to buy it as an assembly with the tail light and a bunch of other parts that you don't need.
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  15. #16 chillibutton, Apr 16, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2016
    If it was Ducati, you'd also have to buy a special, single head size torx/hex tool for each of 3 different screws/bolts just to get it on.
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  16. You're a very funny man, CB!!!!