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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VCM, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. I figured I'm just about due to post a 'dumbass' question, so here goes:
    How do you wear your neckwarmer?
    (a) under or over jacket
    (b) under or over helmet strap


  2. Under the jacket, and under the helmet strap.
  3. Thanks Paul ! Just as I suspected.. I've been wearing it ass-about :p
  4. Mine knows how to go because it was 'run in' by our worthy Site Administrator :wink: :LOL:.
  5. I wear mine over the jacket and on the outside of the helmet strap :p
  6. Now I'm confused :?
  7. Whatdayamean "Under the helmet strap??" I always wear my neck warmer round my left arm :roll: :p
  8. On my neck, I find it works best there :p

    But seriously, I don't think you should wear it so that it is underneath your chin strap. I make no effort to put it under the neck of the jacket, and then my chin strap is on my chin and my neck warmer bunches up nicely over it. Works perfectly that way. It probably doesn't really matter that much, the wind doesn't make them ride down, nor do I find wind comes up underneath if you don't bind it into your jacket.

    I much prefer the feeling of 'security' knowing my strap is more securely tightened to me without anything else underneath it, even though its probably purely psychological. :?
  9. I tried inside the jacket and under the chin straps, and although I found it alot more effective, it restricted my head movements. Guess you can't have your cake and eat it too eh :?
  10. Really makes no difference, whatever is comfortable for you.
  11. +1 but with enough slack that I can move my head properly. Thin
    ones only, as the wind gets under it otherwise.

    If it's a thick fluffy one then on the outside as it keeps the wind
    away anyhow and is difficult to tuck in.
  12. My problem with a little slack is the fear of your brain-bucket coming off.
    Why are the simplest of things sometimes so damn complex? :?
  13. smee's right, whatever you like. Why don't you try it both ways and give us your opinion of what works best for you?

    I put it UNDER the chin strap, that way I can tuck it in well near my chin and face, to stop air flow. Otherwise the strap's in the way, and you can't tuck it in on the side of your face. Ditto for my jacket, I tuck it in for the same reason ...
  14. I meant slack in the neck warmer, as in it is not tucked in tight to the jacket. No slack in the helmet strap.
  15. I wear mine under my strap so it stays in place and over my jacket to stop water running down the back of my neck.
  16. Under the jacket so its closer to the skin trapping the warmth, not allowing the wind to go through it and clean out that pocket of warm air. I do the strap up then put the neckwarmer over it and push it up into the helmet so it is wedged between your chin, cheeks and inside of the helmet.

    This stops wind rushing up under the helmet keeping your head warm and also quietens down your helmet significantly.

    I ride in the Canberra winter when it can be 0 degrees at lunch time and I found this is the warmest method. If you wear it under the strap it takes tension away from the area of it you have just stuffed between your cheeks, chin and helmet making less of a seal.
  17. 2 pages for this,aye. :shock: