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Neck warmers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Kurse, May 12, 2008.

  1. Weathers' getting colder and colder, I used to get by using a scarf n tucking it in, but it makes my neck too bulky and restricts head movement.

    I'm thinking I should just buy something that can go over my head and won't slip down like my scarf does.

    Any suggestions? Please include price and where from.

    Thanks in advance :grin:

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  3. Yeah Caz, like that but something that covers the face too, kinda like an open faced balaclava.

    Thanks for the link :)
  4. When I put mine on, I have it up over the nose and at the back way up ontop of my head, when i put the helmet on, the back slides down a bit, sometimes the front does too, but its easy to reach inside and pull it back up over my nose again. :)
  5. Found a neckwarmer at a disposal store. Best $15 I've ever spent, the things worth its weight in gold!

    If you wore a balaclava, wouldn't that mess up with the mould of your helmet? As in, you wear it a few times, the lining of you helmet stretches to fit both your head and the balaclava. Then when you come to wear just the helmet, it feels loose?
  6. One of these perhaps?
    I have one and find it great when it's real cold out.

    Thin material on top so it doesnt interfere with your helmet and stops neck warmer from slipping down.

    They're about 20 bucks i think. Got mine from Jeffrey Honda in Ferntree Gully


    And no it doesn't come with the chicky babe. :p
  7. We have a winner!!!!!

    Thanks heaps Pete, exactly what I'm looking for, nice to know it doesn't screw with the inner padding of the helmut too.

    Jeffery Honda Ferntree Gully, I'll try some round my area, worst comes to worst I'll pick one up on the way to the twisties :)

    Thanks again everyone.
  8. mmmmm toasty warm Netrider Neck Warmer mmmmmm
  9. Agreed - did the same thing. Just watch it though : little fur balls develop and, if you keep it over your nose, you can breath them in, and you'll be choking and tortuously coughing for the rest of the day. Most unpleasant! :(

    I don't wear mine over my nose any more and it's not a problem (though when this happened to me I think I breathed it in through my mouth).

    Pull the warmer up under your strap and over your chin, before you do the strap up, and you'll be toasty warm :)

  10. I got a balaclava from Rays Outdoors for like $8.

    Best $8 i ever spent!!!
  11. Just grab it in your teeth, pulll your helmet on and then adjust it by pullling down a little.
    Much easier than trying to push the damn thing up into the helmet.
  12. I cut a hole in the top of an old beanie.

    Works a treat, elasticised and everything.
  13. Picked up a "Wild Country" fleece neck warmer from Ray's Outdoors for about $15 (last month). I would have bought the NetRider one, but the Wild Country version has a lycra tube extension that you can pull up over your face (ala Caz) and even over your head like a balaclava if you want. Works real gooder besterest.

    If you want a quality item then check into your local Snowgum store. I bought some great merino wool undergloves that are as thin as cotton but VERY warm - albeit about $30 (Icebreaker wool stuff - check it out - their thermals are natural wool but without the bulk and itchy factor).

    (wow - does that sound like an ad or what :shock: )
  14. Haha I did that last week too. Works just fine.
  15. I've purchased a dri ride silk balaclava(right spelling?) and neck warmer for $14 each and they both do the job as i ride home every mourning from work and keep's the nose nice and warm!
  16. Turtle Fur neck warmer FTW!!
  17. I have recently aquired a neoprene face mask, I wear it with a neck warmer - all kinds of awesome.
  18. This could be the go........
    aV1uq_xA. :p