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Neck Pain

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jtw008, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, my first week of riding is almost over. Had today off work, and i went for my first longer ride (about an hour and a half). When i got home, my neck was sore at the base at the back. Is this just from holding up the helmet? Is this normal, and something i'll get used to as my neck gets a bit stronger, or is it a posture problem or something stupid like that?

  2. You will get used to it.

    When you get really windy days that too causes your neck to strain holding your head straight
  3. Kinda sounds like posture :? You may have been unconsciously tense in your shoulders which will refer pain/pressure to your neck, or possibly you werent making yourself a little more aerodynamic so to speak, causing more wind buffeting to you and the helmet area.
  4. Your kneck muscles are getting a work out, but once you've strengthend them you won't notice it anymore. Just something you'll get used to. I had the same thing when I first started out.
  5. I think you'll get used to it. In the first week when i started riding my body would ache all over. After 4weeks oif riding I pretty much got used to it.
  6. Depends, too, on what type of bike you are riding. If you have a sports bike then the pain is from having your body crouched over in the racing posture, but lifting your head to see what's going on. Maybe a lighter helmet might help too, but as vic and others say, your neck muscles will get used to it in time.
  7. Thanks, good to know. Might just have to spend a bit of time on the bike :grin: . Helmet shouldn't be too heavy - AGV Stealth (Composite Fibre).
  8. Practice on the Freeway :)
    Thats where you can build up strength on your neck... yeah just one advice, don't turn your head too quickly in the freeway... hehe strong winds...
  9. Maybe your heads a bit heavy, need a hair cut?

    Yep you do get used to it, but tensing up is probably the cause. relax man. :cool:
  10. I had the same thing, found it was my posture. I was tensing up across my shoulders/upper back when riding.
  11. Agree with the general concencus, it is more than like your riding position and unconsciously tensing up....There is a cure though - get out and ride more :LOL:
  12. be natural. thats the key! :grin:
  13. had the same problem and question, glad its normal lol. cheers.