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Neck collar pressing against adams apple

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by tomo88, May 7, 2009.

  1. heya guys,

    Given the current change in weather down in melbourne I thought it was best time I bought some winter gear.

    One of the jackets I was was this Alpinestars winter jacket, the space Drystar Jacket which can be found on their online store

    It was in the higher price range, I was considering between that and a dririder aspen, which was entry level and half the price, but i went with the a-star as it was thicker and had much better built in armour

    One thing thats been realli annoying me lately is that as im riding, I can feel the collar slightly pushing up against my neck. Ive kept it loose, tightened it around my waist so it doesn't move, shuffled it up and down, sometimes i get lucky and its not too much of an annoyance, but when i goto head check it presses even harder and is back to its annoyin position.

    have any of you guys experienced this? It didn't happen in the store when i bought it (of course). its a good fit everywhere else, but i dunno why on the collar its doing that. Is there anything I can do to adjust it? theres no actual adjusting straps on the collar, I just do it up very losely, even if i dont zip it up all the way it still presses against my neck. I think its a combination of the helmet strap being pushed by the collar as well, cuz when i goto loosen that as im riding theres a huge relief in the pressure, but then it just shuffles its way back to its normal position.

    any suggestions or shud i just try sell it and buy another jacket?

    thanks guy
  2. If the neck attachment is press stud.
    A peice of material with a stud on either end could make an extender, though it may end up letting in more air then you want.

    edit: my jacket (textile) came with a 'repair' kit which was a peice of material about 5 cm by 5 cm or so and a couple of press studs same size as the others in the jacket. If you have something like that and put the studs at either end, it might work
  3. I presume you can get your adams apple taken out, I've seen some pretty convincing lady boys. :LOL:

    You'll get used to it, give it a few days.
  4. unfortunately didn't come with a repair kit nor is it studded, i think its part of the underlayer thats pressing against but ill take a look to see if there are other ways of extension. as ya sed it'll let more wind in, but i mite just buy a neckwarmer in that case

    hahah and id like to keep my adams apple, ill give it a couple of weeks and if its still annoyin then ill probs have to sell it
  5. how do the 2 ends meet?
  6. zip up the inner layer, then zip up the outer layer, which zips all the way to the top of the collar effectively closing the collar. The velco is just to overlap and cover the zip. If tried not zipping it up all the way, helps a lil but inpractical come rain
  7. That sucks. Only other thing I can think of is a rain proof over jacket
  8. I'd suggest just getting yourself a fibrepile neck warmer, like this:


    You can pick them up from any mountaineering/outdoors store, and you can then just loosen the top of your jacket's collar without the wind/cold being and issue.

    Mine makes an incredible difference when it comes to riding when it's cold out.
  9. Very much so with my jacket. I have to always undo the collar button as when in the riding position it presses badly on my throat and makes things very uncomfortable. I got a neck warmer like the one in the picture so I can undo the collar and still keep my neck warm.
  10. I've had jackets that cause this problem, my current jacket is ok... but it's got 2 positions for the neck fastening.

    One position allows a looser fit.
  11. my summer RJAYS jacket does this if i wear a jumper... I have a big adams apple and a relatively thick neck... All my business shirts look like they're made for a guy twice my size because you buy them by neck size.
  12. +1. Just don't do up the zip the entire way or don't do up the studs. That's what I do.... and use a neck warmer when required.