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Neck 'brace' for riders - any thoughts, reviews?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by purrsikat, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. I bought a motorbike mag (general/touring one I think) with the big spread on riding in/around Canberra... Looking at the bitz & gear sections I noticed a couple of things on this new neck brace that's out, for riders.

    Not the kind of neck brace that you likely need once you come off a bike, but one that will help you stay out of traction (neck wise at least).

    Has anyone a) tried one or b) seen one in action?

    'They' state that the brace is expected to fetch about $1000.

    I wouldn't be worried about looking like a d!ck if it did a good job, because I value my neck & mobility.

    Keen to hear thoughts in general, but especially from anyone who's tested one.

    ps. hope this is in the right forum!
  2. Seems pretty strange, how would you look around properly?! Headchecks would be a biatch/impossible.
  3. Found this via google (on netrider no less!), but I have no idea if it's the same one as in the mag or not.


    My thoughts were the same too... The blurb about it says that movement isn't particularly impeded, but all blurbs will talk something up a bundle.

    I'll find the article & ad for it at home...
  4. If they're saying that its being effected at all than thats sales talk for yeah that is an issue.

    Probably something more useful for the track, I'd never give up the extra vision you get on a bike. I was driving to work today and found the visibility such a pain in the ass.
  5. Yeah saw that article - it was reviewed in Australian Road Rider, and its a neck brace developed by BMW in conjunction with KTM.

    Says it is lightweight construction made from kevlar and glass fibre reinforced plastic covered in soft foam.

    Apparently it is used in street races and in the South African Superbike Championship.

    I'd be a little wary of a neck brace in normal commuting. Anything designed to protect and support the neck has GOT to impede your movement. Having worn a regular soft foam neckbrace after a neck injury, I can say it impeded my movement considerably - so I can't imagine a plastic/kevlar number is going to be any better...
  6. I read somewhere (can't remember where though, and it could be completely off mark) that these braces *do* make it harder to turn your head around, and for that reason they are not really meant for street use.

    They are meant mainly for things like Paris - Dakar race, and other off road competitions. I think Formula 1 drivers use something similar, but they don't twist their necks around either.
  7. The device used F1 drivers (and more and more drivers in other categories across the world) is called the HANS (Head and Neck Support) device. Holds your head and neck steady in an accident.
  8. Hmm, I would suggest you all actually go try one on rather than just talking them down without having ever worn one.

    I am presuming the brace in question is the Leatt Brace (http://www.leatt-brace.com/)

    They're up around the $1000 mark for the carbon fibre one and a bit less for the base model and they're NOTHING like the neck rolls you can get.

    My thoughts on them having tried one on but not ridden with it is that the only time you'd be impeded is looking up at extreme angles: hitting a gully with a steep hill climb on the other side, coming down off a jump and into a switchback berm, etc. Not exactly every day situations you'll encounter on your road bike. Shoulder checks etc would be fine.

    I have spoken to riders that use them (MX and supermoto - basically road racing for what it's worth) and they forget the brace after the first couple of minutes when they first wear it.

    It's on my shopping list, I can't imagine the thought of sitting in a wheel chair thinking hmm, $1000 isn't really that much.

    Would I wear one on the road? I don't know. Sometimes I wear thongs on my bike, I'm an idiot like that, but I'm sure it would be a good idea.

    BTW, BMW and KTM have branded versions of the Leatt, but I'm thinking they might be just more expensive versions of the same thing.
  9. It was introduced after Mikka Hakkinen slammed into the wall in Adelaide that nearly cost him his life. His head was being flung from side to side like a ragdoll.
    The device was introduced (along with higher padding around the top of the monocoque) to stop the head from being tossed side to side, forward and backwards at extreme lengths.

    All the drivers swore that it would be shit and didn't want to wear them. The FIA held its ground and after the first couple of races the drivers were happy with them.

    I have seen the leatt brace and have worn it at the Melbourne Expo one year, it felt ok but that was stationary with no wind resistance and no head checks required.
  10. Cheers devotard & vic, that's the kind of thing I wanted to hear about.. It's good to talk about it, think about it, but I'm definitely keen to give it a tryout first before knocking it back.

    Agreed 100%. Even 150%. I've got a herniated lower lumbar disk & that's bloody bad enough in terms of pain management & that kind of bollocks. Definitely want to be as protected as possible, where I can be & be protected 'safely' too.