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Discussion in 'QLD' started by guilty, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    New to this but if anyone is interested for a ride up nebo-glorious sat 3rd stop for coffee at the top?

    just throwing it out there

  2. damn , might go tomorrow if it it is fine
  3. I didn't end up going! I'm available most sat or sun, pm me anytime over solo riding!!
  4. I didn't end up going! I'm available most sat or sun, pm me anytime....over solo riding!!
  5. Don't be so quick to dismiss it dude!
    Group riding is fun and social, but there's a lot to be said for going your own way at your own pace, without feeling you're being dragged along or slowed down...
    I've learned quite a bit by my lonesome, because I've nothing to think about but myself...
  6. fair call..... came across a bit strong.
  7. Nah mate, you didn't at all. I had an awesome day out yesterday with a good mate, and I wouldn't have ridden myself for quids!
    I'm just saying it's a different experience and you'll get different things out of it, but it's still a valuable way to spend your time on the bike...
  8. Guilty - Sorry I didn't get back to you. No credit on the phone and no cash to get any. I am a bit busy this weekend, yes, but I hope to get out on the planned run next weekend. I may not be able to go along but I'm going to try and make the meet / formup point and say hello, perhaps follow along for a few km.
  9. @ Kneedragon No worries mate, Unfortunately I'm away next weekend so I'm out for that ride, Hopefully work something out in the coming weeks,

    been looking at the NSW & VIC rides the coffee runs/rides during the week and weekends seem a hit, not sure if any QLD's are interested in starting something like this??

    Fresh blood enthusiastic that's all :D

  10. Guilty: we Brisbaneites are a dismal bunch. Pretty lazy when it comes to organising stuff. :) There's like maybe 2-3 group rides a year, at best. lol
  11. Fair-weather riders :p

    It's a shame that Muttly and The Big D hung up their helmets because I enjoyed their rides but anyhow I'm set for the one on the 11th.
  12. The coffee runs dont interest me. I ride everyday to and from work and I enjoy it, but I dont want to head out again after work. I like to stretch my legs on the weekends when I have time. Full day runs and weekenders are more my style.

    Just posted on up if ya keen. Learner friendly, only problem is its a piss up weekend so you have to be prepared to sit around most of the next day doing nothing cause you will be over the limit.
  13. We're going to have to see about that I think.

    I'm slowly getting motivated to begin a regular practice session like the Sydney and Melbourne blokes (and blokettes) do, with a little guidance and assistance for beginner to intermediate riders.

    The complicating factor is that Skipperau and I both have non-standard schedules, meaning every now and then we have a free day on a weekend, but more usually we don't. I'm also a bit hard up - I blew all my money buying a nice bike and now I struggle to run it and maintain it. I can't ride the thing around anywhere near as much as I'd like to.
  14. Muttly went overseas, dont know what happened to Big D just disappeared after curvies off.

    Guidance is always handy, new or old rider. You may not see the hiccup, but some one else may and they can give you an opinion on it.
  15. Fresh blood enthusiasm is always a great thing, it reminds the old hands of the reasons why we are here. :)

    I used to participate in the old Brizbike Coffee runs and had a lot of fun socialising but I am a shiftworker as kneedragon sort of mentioned earlier so my availability is patchy. BUT!! I am on holidays for 2 weeks so should be reasonably available next week, spending a few days in Maryborough and taking the bike, the mother-in-law wants to come for a hoon with me. I think she wants to flip the bird at all of the oldies as she goes past, what a terror lol.
  16. Mid week rides might be a goer - at least theres a better chance of snagging us guys who work shift hours through the week.
    I work at the airport, so i dont get many (any?) weekends off, really. Mostly my days off are mid-week, but the boss is trying to make sure us supervisors get every 3rd weekend off. Our schedule is a bit funny atm, but its slowly getting back to normal.
  17. It's possible to organise the odd group ride - small groups, odd timetable, but it gets hard when you're talking about a regular thing - like 10:00am every Saturday morning, with tea and scones and a few band-aids.


    And a fire extinguisher ...
  18. id be up for more rides... but like TRA i ride to and from work everyday (thats about 70 to 80ks round trip for me). but then i spose i could be up for a monthly coffee meet mid week.

    come to think of it id be for a good ride as iam thinking of getting rid of the GS (hard choice as this is the perfect commuter bike, but i cant afford 2 bikes atm, and i need a big tourer for my up coming trips up north).
  19. With the current blitz I find going from stamford daybro and round the back then up over glorious to be less of a hiccup and attracts less attention. Rather then straight up and over
  20. I'd be keen for a bit of a punt around the great south-east - and some advice and/or pointers from more experienced riders. I work pretty funny hours sometimes, but weekends are usually okay. And I'm not averse to blowing off work every now and then anyway.

    Gotta keep off the straight roads though; took the F4i to Lismore and back the other weekend, and the only bit that was really uncomfortable was that stretch between Brisbane and Gold Coast. Huh.