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Neat little trick for Firefox users.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bambam_101, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Simply type about:config into your web browser.

    Then scroll down until you find the lines called:

    network.http.pipelining click on it to set it to "true"

    network.http.pipelining.maxrequests click on it and set it to "10"

    Thats it. Watch how fast you can web browse from now on!! Works a treat!
  2. i think this is part of what "fasterfox" does.

    edit aaah i see, instead of pages loading content consecutively, it goes concurrently.
  3. This might void your warranty :shock:

    What warranty? Oh well, I tried it, let's see how it goes!

    Thanks for the info!
  4. Yep, given it a go on FFox for Mac. Haven't noticed heaps of dfrnce, but I'll see how it goes over a couple of days.
  5. Thanks, noticed for me the NR forum loading a bit quicker. Mate at work has noticed a heap of stuff loading quicker. Must be dependent on the sites visited as to the improvement of speed??

    Thanks either way.
  6. The ability to change the "pipelining" one has been removed, due to it being an unneccesary topic of conversations in forums, apparently.
  7. It puts more strain on servers but really isnt an issue unless EVERYONE does it.

    Vic, feel free to delete thread if this bothers you! Sorry dude!
  8. didnt find the pipelining thingo

    Yes I did sorry and it is seemingly quicker.
  9. It can cause issues with high volume or secure sites. You'll find if you set it too high servers just say fark off.
  10. Me too!
  11. :?
    Mine was already set to true and 30. Dont know if i should lessen this or a higher number is better...
  12. about:config = win.

    for those of you who tend to close down windows with programs sill open (like me :)) you can use the browser:sessionstore flag to stop it from trying to tell you that you crashed last time you shut down.
  13. Thanks - that worked AWESOME on mine.
    \:D/ :applause:
  14. oh hey wow that rocks! kudos. Many, many kudos.
  15. thats awesome, thanks!
  16. that is sweeeet.
  17. But it might void my warranty! :shock:

    On a secondhand iBookG4???? WTF ?????? :?

    Oh well, changes made, now to see what difference (if any) it makes.
  18. I just set it to 50 and it going great guns!
  19. Be careful setting it too high. Some sites block you out. Not permanently, but you will have to drop it back down to gain access.
  20. I have tried it and it does go faster.
    If Vic says please don't because of server issues then I'll set it back.

    cheers for the tip.