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Nearly went to jail

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by E2W, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. I nearly made the TV news yesterday. I was riding through Gippsland on the way to 90 mile beach on a Honda Blackbird. There was long stretches of open road so I was having some fun and doing between 200 and 220 for a while on the straight bits. I was well over 200kph when I saw about 80 to 100meters ahead of me a traffic cop with his car facing the same direction I was traveling on the left hand side of the road. I braked like I’ve never braked before but couldn’t slow down enough in time and tripped his radar at 121kph. I get to hang on to my license by the slimmest of margins but ended up with 3 demerits and a $244 fine. Suppose it could have been worse if I hadn’t seen him at all. I wonder what kind of fine 200+ gets these days?

  2. +1 on the forward vision. I'm not sure what the fine would've been, but you certainly would've lost your bike for 30 days.

    Now we wait for the biege brigade to come on and tell you how stupid you were and how you give motorcyclists a bad name, and how you were a naughty boy for not thinking of small children or kittens.

    Fuck them, up until you saw the cop did you have a smile on your face.
  3. If they happen read your post you might well find out.:eek:

    (Been there, done that, got away with it, so I'm not being critical)

    where might events of that nature be likely to happen, BTW?
  4. Yep, there's something about 200 plus that just gives me a buzz.
  5. Oh yes indeed. The Bandit isn't as fast as a Blackbird, but I've seen 240 on the speedo a few times, definitely a buzz worth experiencing more than once in your life.
  6. on the way to Woodside beach. Hadn't seen another car in about 30 minutes. Was really supprised to see him at the side of the road in such an out of the way place, but it seems to work. He got $244 out of me.
  7. Hoon ride gets bike impounded for 30 days!!

    Herald Sun reporter Dumb Dipshit is at the site with VicPlonk where a rider was caught ...........................

    Yeah probably would have made the papers... haha

    Obviously not the same popo as Takamii at $1.70 last week...

  8. >45km/h+

    8 demerit points plus 12month suspended license + 30 day impoundment (they aren't applying discretion anymore) + Hoon fine + towing fees + plus impounding release costs + a courtcase where you have to argue not to get further suspension + lawyer fees...
  9. Damn, that could have been an expensive outing for him.
  10. I will help you make up the $240 when you book my bike it for its service next week.
  11. Screw that man, you're lucky you weren't shot to death :shock:
  12. I thought it was $2.70 - the title was $1.70 change from $1.00

  13. thats exactly where i used to test my bikes out when i lived out that way :D lol i take it you mean that long straight stretch that leads right to woodside? in the middle of no where. no trees on the side of the road, one very small crest the whole stretch. its a great place to do some speed tests.
  14. Unless the local plod are sitting on the side of the road waiting !!!
  15. We have a stretch of road known locally as the "ten mile straight" for obvious reasons. Some days there isn't a car in sight for 10 miles, and it is just too tempting. It was there that I found out the rev limiter on the bike, which the book says makes a max of $1.65 is actually for fourth, not fifth.

    If you couldn't see the car until you were that close thought, I would have been a bit slower approaching that part of the road. May have been dead roo on the road or such like. You need clear vision for a fast stop, which is a considerable distance at high speed.
  16. Not much incentive to stop really.
  17. The way the car was positioned and the way he was hidden there was no way I could have seen him any earlier than I did even if I was going slower. As for hitting a roo, well you take your chances in life and sometimes they go wrong but most of the time they go right. And the times that they go right are the times that make life very exciting and make you want to live. Its why people base jump, bungie jump, climb cliffs, cave dive.......yada yada yada. Danger of death is something that makes you feel so alive.
  18. Speaking from experience; **** all. Contested a 160 in 110 and won on a technicaility; cops summosed 13 days before the hearing, not the legal requirement of 14 days. Never made it into the court room. Video footage from a pig patrol car of me at 200+ and all. Did cost me a legal fee as I was in Scotland when the case came up and needed legal representation. Do note however; while I was subject to hoon laws, pig didn't impound my bike - think it had something to do with this convo;

    Pig; "why were you speeding?"
    Me; "I was running late for my bday ride."
    Pig; "You know at this speed reading I can impound your bike?"
    Me; "yeah how about you don't, I know for a fact there isn't a tow truck for miles that can take a bike, as I tried to use RACV a few months ago, so if you want to sit here for 3-4 hours and waste all your time, its your call."
    Pig; "yeah your right, here's a 12month suspension fine."
    Me; "can I go now i'm running late".
    Pig; "no more speeding."
    Me; **thinks flash image of 20 bikes hitting the GOR**

    (was running late for my bday ride)

    Moral of the story; don't roll over and pay the fine; have some balls and fight it.


    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
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  19. I think if I'd passed him at 220 I wouldn't have backed off. I dont think his holden 4x4 would have had much chance of catching me.
  20. My thoughts exactly - at $2.40 and the man facing the other way, how long would it take to catch you and would he bother trying?