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nearly went ass up this morning

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by flexorcist, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. it was DRENCHED on my way to work this morning.... one particular corner, about 75deg angle.... i figured, myeh, i'll drop a little later a little wider and stay at the same speed... coming out of that corner i throttled on gently gently..... until i realised i was facing like 30deg too far countersteering like some kinda maniac.... and for the first time... my natural (very non-cat like) reflexes straightened myself and the bike up and dipped back into a straight line. i'm proud of myself coz i'm a naturally bad balanced and badly co-ordinated person that normally needs to put concious effort into these sort of events to avoid distasters. so just applauding myself hehehehe.

  2. "Any one that you survive is a good one"

    unknown motorcyling philosopher
  3. Wasn't it slimy this morning. that rain was a P in the A...
    I got a fiew wiggles crossing lines at teh wrong angle.
  4. What was up with all that white stuff on the road this morning?
    It was like detergent or something. Was everywhere from Carlton to Broady.
  5. Yep It was in the city as well.
    I think it was just the right mixture of water and Oil to make it real slick
  6. Yep wasn't it "interesting". I 've never had the bitumen road snakes (or whatever name you wish to call them) between burke and bulleen road outbound on eastern so slippery. There was so much oil build up in the centre of the lanes that the water wouldn't wash over, just stayed dry.
  7. Yikes! I'm glad I started later today when it was sunny and dry. Otherwise it'd have been the car for me.
  8. man i saw that crap in broady and sunshine and fairfield. was bizarre
  9. not worht a new post

    just myself ranting again - not worth a new post!! gess wot F*Wit looked out at the warmth this mawnin and done went " i dont need a jacket today".... the same f*wit who has a wet crotch from moving his bike out of the stormy stormy weather outside..... here's to a fun ride home *clink*
  10. Re: not worht a new post

    Pretty much did the same thing, except i had the liner in my aimesh jacket and draggins on. Had to pull in to carlton footy club car park to put on my overpants. Was i bit late, already had the soggy crutch going.